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Vacuum Bags, Where Have You Been All My Life?!


One of the challenges we often face living in a small flat is making the most of the space we have.  We had originally planned to be out of this flat years ago but there was no knowing what was going to happen with the housing market.  We’ve outgrown this place, but we are stuck for the moment so some sacrifices have had to be made, and I’ve had to try to put a little more imagination into storage and the use of the space here. A few weeks ago I was at Xenos and saw these bags that are ... Read More »

Hello Sunshine!


I have never in my life seen an animal that loves the sun as much as Pixel.  You would think that the cat would be the sun worshipper in the house but you’d be wrong.  Pixel is never happier than when she finds a nice sunny spot to stretch out.  She knows all the sweet spots in the house and will go from one to the next throughout the day as the sun moves around our flat. I think she even loves seeing the sun in spring more than I do, and that’s saying something! What a great way to ... Read More »

Ever Felt Like You Were Being Watched?


The above photo shows you what I see when I look out my living room window.  We live across from a seniors complex and I’ve posted a few times about how I feel a bit like we live in a goldfish bowl.  When you are sitting on my sofa, this is what you see… Ok, without the window cleaning brush, I mean.  The buildings are quite a lot closer than they look in the first photo, so it’s pretty easy to look into each other’s windows, and that has always bugged me. It has never bugged me more, however, than ... Read More »

Life in a Goldfish Bowl


One of the things on my growing list of things I don’t like about our flat is that we are overlooked by the big building across from us.  I love having such beautifully large windows, but man those oldies are such lookie loos! Another thing that always bothered me was our window washer that always showed up at random times.  So I’d be sitting here in my pajamas eating breakfast and suddenly there’d be a man on a ladder outside our window, waving at me.  Umm… yes, good morning! I was never so happy as the day he showed up ... Read More »

How Friday the 13th Kicked My Ass


This has been the weekend from hell, seriously.  I’m pretty sure that when I opened the door to our flat on Friday night that I walked through some sort of gateway that took me straight into Satan’s bathroom. Let me go back and tell a little more about what was going on… You may want to grab a snack, this is going to be a long one! A week or so ago I was sitting in my house, knitting and minding my own business, when I heard splashing noises.  They didn’t seem like normal house sounds so I got up ... Read More »

Saturday Photo Hunt – Fresh


This week’s photo hunt theme is Fresh, which luckily fell in line with what I wanted to write about today.  Fresh food!  My very own future home-grown fresh off the balcony veggies! OMG! This week I got a package from Jenny (my stepmom-in-law) with these three packages of seeds included.  She sent along a little card explaining that while she was ordering seeds for her garden she noticed that they had an urban collection and thought of me!  These veggies can be grown in pots on your balcony, which gives you the ability to grow some of your own veggies ... Read More »

Rainbow Over Lombardijen


This afternoon I was sitting in my living room watching TV and thinking about how crappy the weather was outside when I happened to look out our front window .  That was when I noticed this rainbow.  I tend to leave half of the curtains closed because we live across from a tall building full of seniors who are very very nosy. When I pulled back the curtain to look at the rainbow I saw that it stretched across the sky behind the seniors complex, it was so beautiful! I ran to my camera bag and got my camera out ... Read More »

Kitchen Idiot


Remember a while back when we renovated our Kitchen?  One of my favorite things was my new oven.  It’s an Atag and we payed a somewhat ridiculous amount extra so that we could have one that opens sideways rather than downwards.  I’m short and in order to have our oven above the fridge it was essential that I would be able to reach inside.  Yes, that is our itty bitty euro fridge beneath the oven, but that’s an entirely different story. Who needs Vanna White when you have Xander ‘Showman Hands’ Soldaat in the house. Anyhow, the kitchen renovation took ... Read More »

Off With Their Shoes!!


There are a few cultural differences that become glaringly obvious when you move to a new country.  For me, one of of them has been the issue of taking off shoes when you enter someone’s home.  I would make a sweeping statement about how in Canada everyone takes off their shoes when they enter the house, but after the bagged milk thing, I realize not everything is as widely Canadian as I thought.  So I will say, where I come from in Canada, the first thing you do when you walk through the door, is take off your shoes.  I ... Read More »

Bedroom Reno Part 5 – In Our Bedroom Again!

Well we are back in our bedroom again!  It’s all sort of make-shift at the moment but that’s how it goes when you are renovating. I took this photo last night before crawling into bed.  As you can see we have our bed together finally, and a nice big new mattress on top.  We had to get a new mattress because the new bed is harder than our old one and made us realize just how crap our old mattress was. The only problem is we went to a full support mattress from a NO support mattress, so I kinda ... Read More »