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Vinnie and Lula Cast in One For The Money (Stephanie Plum Movie)


We have a Lula!!!  This is what I have been waiting for.  We have Stephanie, Morelli, Ranger, and now Lula.  All we need now is a Grandma Mazur and we are done, the rest don’t REALLY matter. Oh yeah, we have a Vinnie too. So, who will be playing everyone’s favorite gun-toting, spandex wearing, ex-hooker? Oh yeah, and Vinnie… Lula Wikipedia description of the character: Lula was introduced as a minor character working as a hooker in the first book in the series, One For the Money. In Two For the Dough, she becomes Vinnie’s filing clerk and Stephanie’s sometimes ... Read More »

Ranger and Morelli Cast For Stephanie Plum Movie


Ever since I first heard that this movie is happening, I’ve been impatiently waiting to find out who Stephanie Plum’s leading men would be.  I really do dig Katherine Heigl as Stephanie and was really worried that they would go all wrong with the casting of Ranger and Morelli.  I was also keen to see if, by some slim chance, they went with my choices, but no such luck. That doesn’t mean it’s all bad though… let’s have a little look-see at who will be playing these two men that are so near and dear to our hearts. JOE MORELLI ... Read More »

Katherine Heigl Already More Plum-Like


It’s been a few months now since it was announced that Katherine Heigl will be playing Stephanie Plum in the upcoming film One For The Money, which is the first installment in the 20 book series by Janet Evanovich.  While I am fully behind her in the role a lot of people are not convinced.  One of the things I was worried about was that they wouldn’t try to make her really look like Stephanie.  Heigl is well known for being a rather flashy, blond bombshell and Stephanie is pretty much the opposite, more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of ... Read More »

Katherine Heigl To Play Stephanie Plum


That’s right folks!  According to Variety, Katherine Heigl is lined up to play Janet Evanovich’s claim to fame and everyone’s favorite bounty hunter – Stephanie Plum!!  In the upcoming film, One For The Money, she’ll be hunting down the hottest cop in Trenton!  One For The Money is the title of the first book in soon to be 20 book series, with Sizzling Sixteen due for release in June of this year. You may remember me sharing my Stephanie Plum Movie Castings around this time last year.  My first choice was Sandra Bullock, but apparently it’s not meant to be.  ... Read More »

My Scarpetta Movie Castings!


Around this time last year I did a post about what my choices would be for Stephanie Plum Movie Castings, if she were ever to come to the big screen.  There has been a lot of debate about it, but I still stand firmly behind my selections. The other day I saw an article on the MOVIETASTIC website SCREENRANT about the Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta Series (one of my other favorites) being made into a movie.  Who did they choose to play the lead role of Dr. Kay Scarpetta?  None other than Angelina Jolie *Shock horror*  I’m not so not on ... Read More »