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RIP Spencer (1996-2012)


Yesterday we said goodbye to Spencer, the craziest, quirkiest, wildest, most amazingly and frustratingly unique cat I have ever known.  Inside this house he was incredibly affectionate but always into mischief… he was always getting into something and giving me funny things to write about.  Like the time I caught him fishing in the turtle tank or the time he somehow took the door off the hinges to get to the spare room.  From the moment I took him home he made sure I knew that he wasn’t going to make my life easy, but he also showed me that ... Read More »

30 Days of Truth: Day 15


Ok first let me get the usual suspects aside.  My husband, my friends, my family… goes without saying. There’s something I have tried to live without that didn’t go very well, I was miserable. When I first left home when I was 21, back in 1996, I lasted approximately three weeks without any pets. It was horrible!  I wasn’t allowed to bring the horrid little dog that I had to the flat I was living in so I left her with my parents.  I had no pets, just a dick boyfriend, I needed someone sweet to love. That’s when Spencer ... Read More »

My Main Man


It occurred to me today that this month is the 14th anniversary of mine and Spencer’s life together.  He has been with me from Prince Edward Island, to Toronto and finally over here to the Netherlands. I found him in 1996, I was 21 and had just moved out of home for the first time.  I was in a small pet shop in Charlottetown, PEI and I knew he was the one for me the minute I saw him clinging to the door of the cage calling out to me.  Little did I know how much more whining he had ... Read More »

The Sweet Spot


It appears that I am not the only one looking forward to spring!  The sun has finally started showing itself in the Netherlands again and Spencer took full advantage by finding this warm sweet spot on a shelf in our living room. Everything seems to be starting to come to life again.  I see flowers starting to poke up through the grass, the sun is coming out again and making us all feel alive and I know it’s just a matter of time before the buds are on the trees. I read today that we are supposed to be getting ... Read More »


I’m sitting here on my sofa, wrapped in a blanket with a birds nest for hair and droopy eyes. I’m tired. For the last number of days I haven’t managed to get a full nights sleep even once. Yesterday morning I was woken up at 3:30am by the sounds of my dog puking in his bed, which I got up and cleaned up. Then was awoken again by his whining just after falling asleep. I knew something had to be wrong so I got up and let him out of the bedroom, after which he ran into the livingroom and ... Read More »

Spoiled Spencer

Today I was too sore with my sunburn to enjoy any time out on my balcony, but Spencer was kind enough to cover for me… Seriously, does he have it made or what? He (and the other furry mammals in the house) run this joint, we are totally his bitches. Other news… Weight Loss Update: Week two: – 2 lbs Total lost: 4 lbs Read More »

Who’s Calling?

This morning at 6:30am (approx 40 minutes ago) I was laying in bed and heard the phone ringing in the livingroom. The phone in the bedroom is broken and by the time I was awake enough to realize the one in the livingroom was ringing I knew I wouldn’t make it in time. I was just starting to go to sleep when it started rining again… I leaped out of bed, ran the gauntlet of getting around the bed without banging into the dogs bed or the TV and made it just into the livingroom in time for the phone ... Read More »

First Time Owners

We are first time house owners.. this is getting more and more obvious with every step of “Operation Face-lift” for our new flat. We started out with these big dreams, thinking the money we budgeted into our mortgage would allow for these grand designs. Now after a few months we’re figuring out what desperately needs attention compared to what would just be nice to do differently and what we really like compared to what we like but not so much that is cheaper. We’re also learning how to “Rob Peter to pay Paul” as my mother always says. Saying things ... Read More »

Random Updates

Ever wonder what it’s like where I live? I found this website while chatting with a friend and looking for photos of Rotterdam. There’s lots of pictures from around the city on there, was a pretty good find. Stephanie voted off Survivor.. not like I couldn’t see it coming but I know Tom is next and then there’s really nobody worthy left, except maybe Ian. If someone like Kim wins I’m going to groan.. loudly. Yesterday we went upstairs to check on the kitten that is left from Tiny Tim‘s litter. He’s grown quite big and is really cute. He ... Read More »


My Chinese friends are here and gone.. they came here together with their son who thorougly enjoyed playing Super Mario Kart while us adults chatted. It was actually a much more enjoyable visit than I thought it was going to be, even with the odd language issue. Sadly though, just before they left my neighbour wendy came down to let me know that Tiny Tim died this morning. He lived exactly one week and shocked us all, as we thought he has been doing really well. Damn it.. :( Read More »