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Movie Review: One For The Money


Ok, this has been a long time coming but I think I’m finally able to write about it! haha  I don’t know if you followed my love of the Stephanie Plum series but this is something I’ve been discussing for a while.  I used to daydream about a movie being made from this series and came up with my own castings for the movie.  I think they were pretty good but whatevs. When it was announced that there would actually be a movie and I saw the real castings, I wasn’t so sure about it but I thought that if ... Read More »

Asgardian Tammy Sandwich


Yesterday was my 37th birthday and to celebrate it my husband and I went out with friends to see the new Avengers movie in IMAX 3D.  It was AWESOME! Ordinarily I might write a review, but I really only have one thing to say… YES PLEASE!!! Read More »

Movie Review: Temple Grandin


A few years ago when I was watching the Emmy’s and saw Claire Danes win an award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Mini Series or Movie, for a movie called Temple Grandin.  When I saw bits of it in the intro I it caught my attention and I made a mental note to check it out.  I ended up watching it the next day and I loved it. My husband and I have been watching a new series called Homeland, which is great and I will probably write more about it later, and it also stars Claire Danes.  We ... Read More »

Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin


Ages ago I read the book We Need to Talk About Kevin and this is what I had to say about it: This book sucked hardcore for the first few chapters and I had to force myself through it. It was long winded and the author appears to go out of her way to use run-on sentences and difficult language. I hate giving up on a book though, and I tend to try to push through them in case there is something better to be found. I’m glad I did with this one, because it got very very good. Once ... Read More »

Jonah Mowry–Sad or Sham?


I don’t remember the last time I felt so completely taken by someone on the internet.  By taken, I mean shammed, bamboozled, tricked… It all started yesterday morning when I saw this video, made by Jonah Morwry, on George Takei’s Facebook Page… [youtube id=”TdkNn3Ei-Lg” width=”600″ height=”350″] Sad, right?  Honestly, I was sobbing my head off watching this video.  I shared it on Facebook and talked about it with my friends.  I couldn’t believe that this adorable boy was being made fun of and felt so terribly about himself.  What kind of world do we live in?!  I watched it about ... Read More »

David Beckham Goes Undercover for Ellen


[youtube id=”y4yDNWlvK6s” width=”600″ height=”350″] This morning I was catching up on my news feed when I saw this video on Dooce and it had me roaring with laughter. I so wish we got her show here in Holland, perhaps I need to start downloading it. I may end up divorced if I don’t wear my head phones though, my husband hates her.  Crazy fool! Read More »

Even Brando Liked Some Wang


I saw a video today that I really liked.  It’s part of the It Gets Better movement, which is a collection of messages from people all over the world, including celebrities, aimed at gay teenagers who suffer at the hands of bullies. I love this video because it’s funny, it’s cool and it has a great message.  I also love it because at the end she takes the time to make the point that it’s not just gay teens who get bullied, something I think a lot of people forget.  Kids get bullied because they are too fat, too skinny, ... Read More »

Gonna Get My Hump On


Yesterday I was whining about my weight issues with the fertility treatments, but I think my husband has found a solution!  He shared this video with me and thinks it might be just what I need to kick my weight loss back into gear… I’m not entirely sure, but I think he may have an ulterior motive. Read More »

30 Days of Truth: Day 19


I don’t think of politics at all.  I probably should, it’d be wise to be informed but I honestly don’t care about it at all.  I don’t think I even know who Canada’s prime minister is at the moment.  I don’t really care, that’s probably why.  That’s pretty much all I have to say about that. Religion is another matter. I consider myself to be non-religious… as in, I don’t believe in God, it just seems so far fetched.  I assume that if there is a God, when the time comes he’ll forgive me for having doubts.  Besides, I think ... Read More »

30 Days of Truth: Day 16


Oh this is going to be a long list.  There are a lot of things and people I could most definitely live without!! I could live without the rainy, dreary winter weather here in the Netherlands. Sammi and Ronnie from Jersey Shore. I will admit to watching it when I’ve run out of other shows, and I cannot stand these two.  I don’t know how the rest haven’t drowned them in the hot tub yet. My period. Seriously, I’ve had almost 300 of them already, enough is enough. Justin Bieber.  I’m SO over this kid, even if he IS Canadian. ... Read More »

Rotterdam Film Festival: Skarsgard In The Flesh!


Oh, sorry no… not that one.  It was this one!  Here’s what happened. The other day my friend Genevieve asked if I wanted to get together in town today and maybe see a movie.  When we realized that all the theaters in town aren’t showing regular films because of the Rotterdam International Film Festival, she asked if I wanted to do that instead.  I was all for it as I’d gone last year and really enjoyed it. We both sort of forgot about it and today decided last minute to go have some lunch and check out one of the ... Read More »