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Noah’s Color Me Blanket


When Noah was two years old I started a blanket for him for Christmas. I really enjoyed making it but then like with a lot of projects I came to a part of the construction that was annoying and tedious and I put it away.  He turned four this weekend …

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You SNEAKY Mom!!!


[youtube id=”_YQpbzQ6gzs” width=”600″ height=”350″] Oh god I love this video!  The crying kids are so funny but the two at the end just crack me up beyond words. “Are you serious?!” “You were SO close!” That kid in the red is one cool cat!

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The Three Amigos


With all the photos I took of the race this is my favorite of the day.  The children that were with us were getting restless while we waited for the girls to finish the race, and a bag of crisps managed to keep them occupied for a while. I think …

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I Would Die For That Too


Today is the day I found out a few things. I found out that I will have at least one more month of giving myself injections, that in the next few weeks I will have anywhere between 5-7 hospital visits and that my life will once again revolve around hormones. …

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Go Fetch!


Recently the topic of children has been brought up again between my husband and I.  Do we want them? Do we want to continue as we are and live our own lives free of that responsibility?  Are we willing to go to the lengths we need to go to in …

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Screw Your Dreams!


That’s what I’d say to my teenager if they told me they wanted to sail around the world, climb a mountain people die on, bungee jump, skydive or … oh, I don’t know… roller skate?   It’s probably a blessing for my imaginary children that they don’t actually exist because this …

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The Headless Benchmen


On Sunday while I was out watching the marathon I saw these three boys.  They were having such a laugh that I had to get my camera out and get a photo.  Two of the boys had their jackets pulled up over their heads pretending to be headless while tormenting …

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Baby Bobble Afghan Progress


For the last few days I’ve been keeping myself busy but working on a crochet project I started a while back.  It’s only the second time I’ve crocheted something but I’m quite enjoying working on this pattern.  The first time was when I made a baby blanket for Faela, my …

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Phalanges … Dancing Phalanges!

Bones is one of my favorite shows, and in the latest episode Dr. Brennan gets a bit of baby fever.  Watching her try to be maternal and relate to babies is hilarious.   Even more hilarious than than when she tries to relate to adult humans. The whole baby fever thing …

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First Snow of the Year

I’m a little late but we had snow last week!  I was so excited!   Of course, it didn’t last long but I managed to get some photos of it in the meantime.  I love when it snows! It started early in the afternoon out of nowhere and looked beautiful with …

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