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Let it Snow!


We got snow this morning in the Netherlands. So close to Christmas, but it just missed the mark.  I think not having snow is one of the things that makes it more difficult to get into the Christmas spirit over here.  Well, that together with not having friends and family around. It was so nice to wake up and see this snow this morning, though!   The great thing about when it snows here is that it last just long enough for you to go “aawww it’s SNOWING!!” and spend a day outside listening to it crunching under your boots and ... Read More »

A Little Perspective For The Day


Uploaded this photo to Instagram a few minutes ago and thought I’d share it on my blog as well. Anyone who has had weight loss surgery or been in the process of losing weight can tell you that there are times where you lose perspective. Where things seem to be going too slow, where you feel like the same old you again or just aren’t feelin’ it as much as you usually do.  Today was one of those days for me… When I feel that way I go back in time, whether it’s looking at photos, trying on old clothes ... Read More »

The Day I Finally Got Into My Husband’s Pants (5 Month Update)


Remember the time when my husband got into my pants?  Well last night he got to return the favor! Get your mind out of the gutter, if you clicked the link you know I’m not talking about that. Yesterday was 5 months since my surgery, and I feel like I’m in a total time warp.  How on earth has five months gone by so fast?!  I had done my last update late, at 4.5 months rather than on time two weeks before… so I wasn’t really into doing my usual photos as not that much has changed in the past ... Read More »

Twelve Year Anniversary of the Dress


On May 12th my husband and I celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary.  It’s still hard to believe we’ve been together so long as I don’t think either of us feel old enough to have been married for 12 years. Wasn’t it just a few years ago that we WERE 12? A few days before we were clearing out our storage room when we came across my wedding dress.  Well, I use the term “wedding dress” very loosely.  It wasn’t really what I imagine a wedding dress to be, but it was all I could find to fit me at ... Read More »

Project Fatass: The Trouble With Jeans


When people ask me what my biggest problems are after my gastric bypass I think they are expecting me to say that I’m sick, that I can’t eat the things I love or that I have some freakish pain… but that’s not it, I have none of those problems.  Right now my biggest problems are hair loss (I knew this was coming) and LACK OF CLOTHES.  I honestly had no idea how much quicker the weight loss would show in my clothes than it does on the scale.  I feel like I should still fit into things that I wore ... Read More »

Non-Scale Victory: The Pink Tee


Three years ago Penny got me a ticket to see our favorite performer in the world, PINK!  It was such an awesome evening and I had the most amaaaaaazing time (I’m already counting the days until she is in Rotterdam again!).  There was only one down side… one thing that sort of put a momentary damper on the experience.  When I visited the t-shirt stand. At that time I was still around my highest weight and they didn’t have any sizes bigger than XL, which I knew I could not wear at that time.  Not wanting to walk away empty ... Read More »

Vacuum Bags, Where Have You Been All My Life?!


One of the challenges we often face living in a small flat is making the most of the space we have.  We had originally planned to be out of this flat years ago but there was no knowing what was going to happen with the housing market.  We’ve outgrown this place, but we are stuck for the moment so some sacrifices have had to be made, and I’ve had to try to put a little more imagination into storage and the use of the space here. A few weeks ago I was at Xenos and saw these bags that are ... Read More »