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Confessions of a Fat Girl: Fat and Feminine?


These are my nails, fake ones.  Pretty, aren’t they?  I got them done at Nagelstudio Ellen in Barendrecht and I couldn’t be happier with them. She is awesome, she also took the photos.  Check out the swirlys, cute huh? You may be wondering why I got acrylic nails. I mean, that’s a little lush for a housewife, isn’t it?  A bit extravagant? Maybe even a bit silly?  Not really. They are my gift to myself for continuing to lose weight and get closer to my goals. Something I can have every day to look at, feel pretty and smile.  I ... Read More »

Confessions of a Fat Girl


On March 6th I had finally lost 50 lbs.  It took me a while to lose the last 1-2 lbs to get there, which feels silly I mean it’s ONLY 1-2 lbs.  It seemed to go on forever though as I had reached that dreaded plateau everyone told me was coming.  Since then I’ve been teeter tottering back and forth within a range of 5 lbs.  Some weeks I’m down 5 lbs, and other weeks I’m up.  I know it has to do with the fact that everyone always reaches a plateau at some point and a change in routine ... Read More »