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Putting Project Baby to Bed


See what I did there?  Putting baby to bed… Anyway, yes, this is the post.  That post that we all thought would possibly come someday where I talk about us reaching the end of the road with trying to have children.  Well, here we are at the end of the …

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Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin


Ages ago I read the book We Need to Talk About Kevin and this is what I had to say about it: This book sucked hardcore for the first few chapters and I had to force myself through it. It was long winded and the author appears to go out …

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HDR Mania or Just My Style?


One of the things that I had on my to do list was to learn to make HDR photos.  A while back I got Photomatix and played around with it to try to teach myself how to do it.  Some of the photos came out really well, others… not so …

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Confessions of a Fat Girl: Fat and Feminine?


These are my nails, fake ones.  Pretty, aren’t they?  I got them done at Nagelstudio Ellen in Barendrecht and I couldn’t be happier with them. She is awesome, she also took the photos.  Check out the swirlys, cute huh? You may be wondering why I got acrylic nails. I mean, …

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Expat Limbo – Google Maps Style


There are two questions I get asked every single time I’m talking to someone here in the Netherlands and tell them I’m from Canada… Do you find it very different here compared to where you come from? Which do you like better?

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Tagged by Kara


I had mentioned on my post about the meme from Alison that another friend had tagged me in a different one as well.  It was Kara, my northern friend and weight loss buddy.  She gave me a few questions and apparently I am supposed to come up with a few …

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Fishing In The Netherlands


First, let me apologize if you came here looking for info on fishing in the Netherlands.  I got squat.. nada.  Other than this photo, which I took yesterday during a bike ride near Groene Kruisweg in the south of Rotterdam. I stopped to take a photo when I saw these …

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Off With Their Shoes!!


There are a few cultural differences that become glaringly obvious when you move to a new country.  For me, one of of them has been the issue of taking off shoes when you enter someone’s home.  I would make a sweeping statement about how in Canada everyone takes off their …

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Phalanges … Dancing Phalanges!

Bones is one of my favorite shows, and in the latest episode Dr. Brennan gets a bit of baby fever.  Watching her try to be maternal and relate to babies is hilarious.   Even more hilarious than than when she tries to relate to adult humans. The whole baby fever thing …

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