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Restaurant Review – Tommy’s Diner (Montpellier, France)

Tommy's Diner

Each year when we visit the south of France, we make a point of visiting the Odysseum shopping center in Montpellier.  We shop around a bit, go for lunch and maybe get an ice cream. Each year I eyed the same diner for lunch but we always ended up going somewhere else.  We went to another burger place, an Italian place, etc  and they were always nice restaurants but the North American in me screamed DINER!! 50’s DINER!!  I just had to go there. This year we did! It has been so long since I’ve been in a diner of any ... Read More »

Exploring Aveyron


After visiting the workshop of Andre Debru Xander and I wanted to see a bit more of the Aveyron area. It was a beautiful day and we loved the scenery on the drive there so much, we thought we’d make a bit of a day of it.  Now that I have my license it’s a lot more fun for both of us (OH! Mental note, I must write my 101 List entry about that!). Since I was driving, there weren’t a lot of photos, but  Xander did take a video!  There isn’t a lot of scenery, other than road and ... Read More »

The Art of Andre Debru


While on holiday in the south of France my husband and I went to visit the Roquefort caves with my mother-in-law.  On the way there we came across a roundabout with an art installation in the middle that caught our eye.  I’m generally not into art all that much but my MIL is an artist and both of us had a bit of a “WOAH” reaction as we were circling the roundabout.  We kept going but on the way back I absolutely had to stop and have a look at it. I wish I had gotten photos from another angle ... Read More »

Roquefort Caves


Last week Xander and I picked up his mom and headed off to Roquefort to check out the cheese caves. It’s something we have wanted to do for a while but we usually visit in the fall when the cheese is already made and the caves are empty. This year we were just in time to catch the end of the production! There were about 20 of us doing the tour, including a really huffy and cranky French woman and her rude husband and two hilarious and fun couples from Israel. It was an interesting group for sure and I ... Read More »

South of France in Springtime


Ok, I am trying to blog from my tablet for the first time so bear with me and please forgive any typos!  I am on holiday atm and left my laptop home, since I have a snazzy new Galaxy Tab Pro tablet! Early Friday morning my husband and I packed up and headed off for the south of France.  We are spending a few weeks down here enjoying the company of my in-laws, the peaceful surroundings and the beautiful weather. This was the first time that we were able to drive down all in one go, because I was able ... Read More »

101 List–Swim in the Mediterranean


One thing I didn’t mention in my recent post about my trip to the south of France was that while I was down there, I finally got to swipe another item off my 101 list! To swim in the Mediterranean! It has been on my list during two of my previous trips but we just never did get around to it.  When we got together with Xander’s mother for the day, we decided to go to the beach.  It gave us a nice relaxing way to spend time and chat with her and also the chance to see some place ... Read More »

South of France–September 2012


Right, well I recently wrote about where the heck I have been, but of course I procrastinated in following up.  So here we go, the first trip! In September 2012 my husband and I went to the south of France to visit his family for 2.5 weeks.  As usual, I absolutely freaking loved it there and didn’t want to leave.  Didn’t mind coming back to the Netherlands, it was nothing like that, I just love the south of France so much I hate leaving. This trip was not so much about sight seeing as it was about chilling out.  On ... Read More »

Where Have You Been?!


So I’ve been getting a few mails asking where the heck I am and why I haven’t been at least doing my monthly updates.  Well, I’m still alive and everything is great… so please don’t worry!   I’ve just been incredibly busy! Doing what?  Well… In September my husband and I went to the south of France where we spent time with his family and did a lot of this: Also a whole lot of this: Yeah, it was heaven! After returning from almost three weeks there, my husband left the next day for five days in Denmark, during which time ... Read More »

Holiday Destination Review: Pic du Midi


One of the main reasons we chose the Pyrenees as our little side trip while in the south of France was because I’d seen the Pic du Midi online.  Once I saw it, I knew that’s where I wanted to go, and thankfully Xander wasn’t at all bothered and was happy to let me choose the location.  We specifically chose our campground because it was within a reasonable distance. We actually visited the area twice, but the first day it was too cloudy and they said we wouldn’t be able to see anything, so we moved on and visited some ... Read More »

Hey, There’s a Waterfall!


The day after our search for the waterfall in the Estaing valley, we were driving through the mountains and randomly found a waterfall along the side of the road.  We pulled over so that we could get out and have a look at it and take some photos, figuring it would take away some of the sting of disappointment from the day before. It was pretty long and had a few turns so it was impossible for me to get the entire thing in a photo, but from the road it was a really beautiful sight.  It went quite high ... Read More »

Where’s That Damn Waterfall?!


I mentioned in my post about our visit to Lac d’Estaing that Xander and I had a bit of an adventure looking for some waterfalls.  Now that some time has passed I can see it for the funny thing that it is and can tell the story with much less swearing. While we were at the lake, we stopped to get an ice cream and I saw this postcard… They look pretty nice, right?  I really wanted to find out where the waterfalls were so I could get some photos.  I asked the guy who worked in the shop where ... Read More »