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TV Review: My Unexpected Love Affair With The Neighbors


One thing about TV is that it can sometimes surprise you.  Sometimes you are so excited about a show and when it gets started, it’s disappointing.  Other times, you go into a pilot thinking it’s going to be terrible, and walk away pleasantly surprised.  This happens to me all the time, and one recent, rather extreme, case came to mind today as I was watching one of my shows. Have you ever seen an ad for a TV show or movie that just looks so absurd that you have to watch it?  Even though you are thoroughly convinced that you ... Read More »

The Things You Don’t Expect Post-WLS


A friend of mine posted a video on our little WLS group today and I literally laughed out loud.  I can relate to every single thing the girl says in this video and I applaud her for making things that suck so damn bad be so funny. Though she goes about it in such a funny way, you may think she is exaggerating… but sadly, she isn’t. [youtube id=”f8dbITs2R-w” width=”600″ height=”350″] Be prepared, because when I showed this video to my husband and asked if it seemed familiar?  He said yes, especially the swearing.  So yeah, there’s going to be ... Read More »

Call Me Maybe!


[youtube id=”u6CXMwuPbYM” width=”600″ height=”350″] It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and Xander and I are trying to figure out what the heck we want to do. Go for a walk in a park somewhere? Go to a beach? Go for a bike ride? Hang home and chill?  No idea. We are both in that weird sort of mood where we both want to do something but we just aren’t sure what. Those kinds of moods make me cranky. Xander found this video online and showed it to me and now I can’t stop watching it and laughing.  Yes, we are easily ... Read More »

Princess Pixel on a Rainy Day


Anyone who knows us knows that Pixel has us wrapped around her little finger.  Bailey does as well, we are their bitches really.  We do try to Cesar Milan their asses whenever possible but there are times when they are just so cute and funny that we can’t help but laugh. Like Pixel on a rainy day… you have never seen a dog that hates the rain as much as she does.  Bailey doesn’t like it but he is a bit more of a trooper than Pixel is. “WALKIES”, we will yell out when it’s time to go.  This is ... Read More »

You May Live in the Maritimes IF…

People often ask me what it’s like to live in Canada, and that’s a very difficult answer.  There are things you can say that generally apply to all of Canada, like the people speak English or love hockey, but when it comes down to day to day life and the people you interact with, that largely depends on where exactly in Canada you are coming from. A while back I did a photo comparison Google style of my hometown and the current city I live in, to show people the vast differences between where I come from and where I ... Read More »

You SNEAKY Mom!!!


[youtube id=”_YQpbzQ6gzs” width=”600″ height=”350″] Oh god I love this video!  The crying kids are so funny but the two at the end just crack me up beyond words. “Are you serious?!” “You were SO close!” That kid in the red is one cool cat! Read More »

David Beckham Goes Undercover for Ellen


[youtube id=”y4yDNWlvK6s” width=”600″ height=”350″] This morning I was catching up on my news feed when I saw this video on Dooce and it had me roaring with laughter. I so wish we got her show here in Holland, perhaps I need to start downloading it. I may end up divorced if I don’t wear my head phones though, my husband hates her.  Crazy fool! Read More »

How to Lose at Checkers

One more thing we did while at the campground was played a giant game of checkers.  My husband isn’t a big fan of playing games, unless it’s something like Trivial pursuit where he knows his knowledge will always trump mine.  I couldn’t believe it when we came along the giant checker board and he said he didn’t know how to play.  How could that be?  I urged him to play and hoped I could use this to my advantage. I don’t know how to put this delicately, but… I totally kicked his ass! I tried not to gloat too much ... Read More »

Adventures at the Dog Park: Jack & Russell


We are still taking Pixel and Bailey to the dog park pretty regularly.  Pixel is never a problem but we continue to be somewhat anxious when it comes to Bailey and his aggressive attitude towards other male dogs. You can imagine how worried we were the first time these two entered the park. They are brothers and their names are Jack & Russell. Yes, Jack Russell.  NOT what I was expecting the day I was standing in the back of the field and someone said “Oh here comes Jack Russell!”  Not what I was expecting at all! First, they are ... Read More »

Pixel’s Pitiful Attempts at a Howl


The other day I heard sirens coming in the distance.  I quickly grabbed my camera and got it ready to record Bailey and his howling, just because I think it’s funny.  I was wondering if this would be the time that Pixel finally joins in as up till now she has only barked and given him weird looks when he howls at things.  Here is what happened… you have to listen carefully for Pixel because Bailey tends to drown her out a bit. Yeah, not a lot of howling going on from Pixel but she is trying!  You can tell ... Read More »

How I Got Punked For April Fool’s


So, today is April Fool’s day… and it started out like this, when I sent out a warning to the internet on Twitter (and Facebook). You see, there are a lot of things I hate, cuz I’m like that, I’m a hater… and I really hate 1) being startled 2) being tricked.  The reason for this is because it is SO DAMN EASY.  I am both jumpy and gullible by nature so I really am easy pickings when it comes to things like April Fool’s day and those viral videos that make you jump out of your skin. If you ... Read More »