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Movie Review: One For The Money


Ok, this has been a long time coming but I think I’m finally able to write about it! haha  I don’t know if you followed my love of the Stephanie Plum series but this is something I’ve been discussing for a while.  I used to daydream about a movie being …

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Movie Review: Temple Grandin


A few years ago when I was watching the Emmy’s and saw Claire Danes win an award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Mini Series or Movie, for a movie called Temple Grandin.  When I saw bits of it in the intro I it caught my attention and I made …

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Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin


Ages ago I read the book We Need to Talk About Kevin and this is what I had to say about it: This book sucked hardcore for the first few chapters and I had to force myself through it. It was long winded and the author appears to go out …

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Rotterdam Film Festival: Skarsgard In The Flesh!


Oh, sorry no… not that one.  It was this one!  Here’s what happened. The other day my friend Genevieve asked if I wanted to get together in town today and maybe see a movie.  When we realized that all the theaters in town aren’t showing regular films because of the …

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I Am Switching Teams!


I’m a fan of Twilight, I don’t think that’s any secret around here.  Even though the first movie frustrated me with Bella’s lip biting and head wobbling, the missing pieces and the bits thrown in that weren’t even in the book… I’ve still watched it again.  Ok more than once, …

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Yesterday our friend Alan came into Rotterdam for a minor “Movie Marathon”. All three of us have the Ulimited Movie Card so we decided to go see a few movies, since we can see as many as we want for “free”. First we saw Over The Hedge, which was hilariously …

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The Change of Life

When I hear the term “The change of life” I go back in time to when I was a child and my mother had a hysterectomy. My father kept saying that my mother was going through “The change of life” and all I wondered was, what was wrong with the …

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Mmorpg’s and Stuff

EQ2 Breigh Originally uploaded by Breigh.com. So for the last year or so I’ve been playing World of Warcraft pretty steadily. I joined a great guild of mainly south africans and we have had a TON of laughs and good times, but like any game I’m starting to feel quite …

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Phantom Stress

I’m stressing!! I don’t know what I’m stressing about but man am I stressing! For the past few nights I’ve slept like crap, having weird dreams and unable to sleep for more than an hour or so at a time. Twice I’ve woken up with a weird burny chest pain …

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Movies! Movies! Movies!

While my parents were here we got together with our friend Alan for dinner and a movie. That afternoon before we went out he was pitching the idea of this unlimited movies card he got a while back and why we should get one. Here in NL there is a …

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King Kong

Last night Xander and I went out with some friends to see King Kong. I thought it was a pretty good movie but some things didn’t make sense to me. When she was first hung by the arms for King Kong to take her and he pulled her off, how …

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