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I’m Sick Of It!


Being a big TV and Movie nut, I rather enjoy reading websites about stars, upcoming shows and films, and celebrity gossip.   I like seeing the sneak peak photos of movies that I’m waiting excitedly for *CoughNewMoonCough* and seeing who is dating who, who’s up for the lead in what film, and so on. Lemme tell ya though, there are some people I am so sick and tired of hearing about.  Like, want to gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon type of sick of it.  Some are because they look weird, others because they act weird and some I can’t ... Read More »


“It was bad enough when we were fighting the Terminators. But then the Transformers came. Now we just call them the Transforminators – John Connor Maybe they should have gone this route and killed two birds with one stone?   I haven’t seen the new Terminator movie yet but I have heard some pretty bad reviews already.   Transformers is still a mystery.  Thank god I’m so easy to please though, at least when it comes to movies.  I’ll probably love them both even if other people think they suck. Read More »

Rabbit Without Ears


A while back my friend Heather was raving on about this new movie she got that she was head over heels in love with.  She told me how she anxiously awaited the arrival of the DVD and how she’s watched it almost every night since it arrived.  Umm, yeah.  I am a total TV and movie freak but even I have my limits.  I couldn’t see how any movie would really be that good, so I asked to borrow it from her. Turns out she wasn’t kidding because I had possession of the DVD for only 3-4 days, of which ... Read More »

Don’t F*ck With Betty!


I love Ryan Reynolds and anyone who says he can’t act is a motard. Even though you know this video is fake you almost feel sorry for him anyway! How awesome is Betty White too, seriously?  She is such a crazy ol’ bird.  I always just saw her as the cute Golden Girl but when I saw her once on a celebrity roast totally taking the piss out of someone (I think it was William Shatner), I knew she had a wicked side to her and have loved her ever since.   This proves it now, that there is more ... Read More »

Geeks In Love


On Wednesday night Xander and I were going out to see Star Trek – OMG What an awesome movie!!! – and I was getting cranky because he was rushing me.   Also because I was sleep deprived… AND PMSing.  Seriously, he should have known better. Anyhow, as I ran around getting dressed and brushing my teeth, I was mumbling and bitching at him.  This continued in the theater after he refused to get a drink of his own, instead saying he’ll “just take a sip of mine”, which I hate.  I am always thirsty and run out before the movie is ... Read More »

Twilight – The Story I Hate to Love


I recently decided to pick up the wildly popular series of Twilight books.  I’ve heard so much about them but always had other things I wanted to read first.  When the movie came out, I felt a bit pressed for time, because I really wanted to see the movie, but not without reading the books first.  I like to be able to make up my own images of people in my mind before they are shown to me on screen. A friend read the books recently and raved about them.  She went beyond raving though, into a place that I’ve ... Read More »

My Stephanie Plum Movie Castings


I’ve been reading the most fantastic series of books lately, and I’ve pretty much forced all my close friends and family to start reading them as well.   It’s the Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich.   They are about a girl who loses her job as a lingerie buyer and ends up blackmailing her sleezeball cousin into giving her a job as a bounty hunter.   There are so many funny bits that make these books as great as they are, so many characters that add their own interesting bits to the story.  When I’m reading I always try to figure out ... Read More »

Mamma Mia! Meh.


Yesterday while working on some crafts I watched the movie Mamma Mia.  I’d been wanting to see this movie but had a hellish time getting there.  My friend Penny doesn’t like musicals, my husband would rather hand over his left testicle on a plate than see it and everyone else either wasn’t into it or we had trouble sorting out our schedules. So I downloaded it. I seem to have trouble with musicals in general, with the exception of a few like Grease, Grease 2 (I AM NOT ASHAMED!), and The Little Mermaid to which I know every word. I ... Read More »

Halloween in The Netherlands


Halloween is not a big thing in NL at all.  They sell a small amount of decoration in some shops but there is no big hype about it like back in North America.  There’s no children out trick or treating, no big zombie walks like in Toronto (I soooo wish there was) and the only way you will have any Halloween in your life is if you bring it in yourself. Hubby and I got two smallish pumpkins at Intratuin while my parents were here and have been waiting to carve them on Halloween.  We had plans that we would ... Read More »

Dead Like Me – The Movie!


If you have never heard of the show Dead Like Me, it’s not really a big surprise.  It was one of those oddities, like Firefly, that doesn’t run for long but is mysteriously canceled, causing an uproar among fans.  It has a cult following and those who loved it loved it madly… including me. Here is a synopsis of the show (in case you are too lazy to click links). Dead Like Me takes a darkly comic look at mortality through the eyes of someone stuck between this life and the afterlife. "Bail bondsmen for the disembodied" is how Rube ... Read More »

Doctors are Sadists


Have any of you seen the movie Juno yet?  If not, you really have to check out the trailer. Yesterday my friend Penny came into town and we met up after work.   I get off early on Fridays so I worked through my lunch so I could get off even earlier so we could hang out.   She is way pregnant, with only 5 weeks left to go, so this was going to be her last trip into Rotterdam for a while. She’s been having massive whopper cravings, and lord knows it’s not hard to get me to go for a ... Read More »