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A Lego of My Own


A while back I spoke about the mysterious death of two of my turtles. I still have no idea what happened but it was in July of last year, shortly after we came back from our camping trip, and they died within a few days of each other. They were in separate tanks, nothing had been shared between the two.  I honestly have absolutely no clue what caused their deaths.  At one point we thought it was the fish but after observing them and keeping them separate from the turtles for a period of time, there appeared to be no ... Read More »

Sherman, Mind Your Manners!


Would you please stop eating with your mouth open, it’s rude! Honestly, you are three years old now, it’s about time you learned some table manners! Don’t give me that look… and for pity sake, wipe your mouth! Read More »

Canadian by Association


Thanks to my friend Candee, the dogs are celebrating Canada Day in style! She has her own dog grooming business and gave us these cute Canada Day bandanas for the dogs to wear to show their pride!  It’s a pity she didn’t live closer because I’d definitely go to her rather than our regular groomer, who is in the process of plucking Pixel as I type this! Yes, she may look like a giant furball now but when she comes home she’ll be tiny and smooth and ready for summer! Ok, so the dogs really aren’t Canadian, but I am ... Read More »

My Main Man


It occurred to me today that this month is the 14th anniversary of mine and Spencer’s life together.  He has been with me from Prince Edward Island, to Toronto and finally over here to the Netherlands. I found him in 1996, I was 21 and had just moved out of home for the first time.  I was in a small pet shop in Charlottetown, PEI and I knew he was the one for me the minute I saw him clinging to the door of the cage calling out to me.  Little did I know how much more whining he had ... Read More »

A Sunday Run


Oh you didn’t think I was the one running, did you?   Surely you know me better than that! This morning we decided to take the dogs to a nearby area that is enclosed where they can run off their leads.  We were up early and it was a rather miserable day so we were confident that we’d have the place to ourselves.  That way we wouldn’t have to worry about Bailey picking fights with other dogs. As you can see, they quite enjoyed themselves.  We brought a ball for them to play with, which kept Pixel highly entertained.  Bailey ... Read More »

Bailey The Brute


Ever wonder what happens when you get between a dog and a chicken bone? That… that is what happens when you try to wrestle a chicken bone from the mouth of a Yorkie. A few weeks ago I was walking along minding my own business, the dogs were running around sniffing everything and eating poo like every other day when suddenly Bailey dashed into the bushes. I know that dash, it’s the I’m gonna get there before you realize where I’m going and pull me back dash. By the time I pulled him back it was too late, he had ... Read More »

This is Pixel, and She’s An Addict


A rawhide addict, that is… Unlike Bailey, who just grabs it and spends hours hiding them in different spots all over the house, Pixel loves rawhide bones. If there is rawhide in the house, it’s hers.  What’s hers is hers and what’s Bailey’s is hers.  That’s the law in Pixeltown. It doesn’t matter what size, shape or color, she does not discriminate.  They will all be chewed, slurped, licked,  and gnawed with equal vigor. She is also very protective of her bones and will make a point of snarling at Bailey if he gets anywhere near them.  Even though he ... Read More »

The Sweet Spot


It appears that I am not the only one looking forward to spring!  The sun has finally started showing itself in the Netherlands again and Spencer took full advantage by finding this warm sweet spot on a shelf in our living room. Everything seems to be starting to come to life again.  I see flowers starting to poke up through the grass, the sun is coming out again and making us all feel alive and I know it’s just a matter of time before the buds are on the trees. I read today that we are supposed to be getting ... Read More »

Get It Off! Get It Offfff!


Pixel loves the snow.  When we take her out in it she sniffs around, pushes it with her nose, digs in it and runs around like someone put a firecracker up her arse.  It’s a very exciting time for her! When we first got her she hated being outside if it was anything other than warm summer weather.  Taking her out for a walk on a rainy day was more like taking her for a drag.  She’d dig her heels in, whine and protest the entire way.  She behaved quite the same once the cold winter weather hit, acting like ... Read More »

First Snow of 2009

Yesterday is snowed in the Netherlands and I woke up and squealed like a crazy person.  Thankfully I was home alone as it was one of the few days this month that my husband was called in to work.  I thought about going out to take photos but it was so dark and dreary that I decided not to.  This morning we had a bit more snow and I went out with hubby and the dogs to snap a few while we went for a walk. Here are some photos of the three loves of my life: First, my darling ... Read More »