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Titan: The Not-So-Hostile Takeover


We’ve now had Titan with us for almost three days, and he’s completely won us all over.  With the exception of bit of night time drama the first night in his crate, he’s been an absolute dream to have around.  Now that he’s sleeping peacefully in his crate through the night, I think I can say he’s the perfect dog.  He’s calm, much more calm than our two nutjobs, he is very cuddly, obedient and an absolute pleasure to take out for a walk. He’s charming, that’s what he is!  He’s a little Charmy McCharmypants.  He’s so cute that we will ... Read More »

Making Money

For years I’ve been trying to think of ways to make money on my own. My ideas have ranged from making crafts to sell (never seem to finish any and am not sure I could get enough for them to make the time spent on them worth it) to doing the naked paid webcam thing for weirdo fetishists (yeah, don’t think my mom or husband would like that career choice much). Without a solid knowledge of Dutch, getting a job here in NL has been proving quite difficult. At least a job I could stand doing… I have no intention ... Read More »

I Miss John Ritter

Every evening before dinner my father and I used to watch Three’s Company. I loved that show! If it was on TV today I’m sure it would still be one of my favorites.. but sadly the Netherlands has never heard of it. That’s one show that will never end up in the bargain bin so we’ll never see it here. John Ritter played a character called Jack Tripper, who was my favorite character of all. I’m petsitting in Den Haag again for a couple I’ve never sat for before. They have a dog that is a mix of the same ... Read More »

Den Haag Again

I’m in Den Haag now in the beginning of my eight day petsitting gig with Gus and Ike. They are both snoozing soundly on the sofa at the moment while I sit here with my feet up watching the pre-show of the MTV Movie awards. It’s approximately 28-30 degrees outside here at the moment and the back garden feels like an oven. I will probably sit out in a little while and try to get some color in my face. Couldn’t have a summer go by without my face breaking out into a mass of freckles, it wouldn’t be right. ... Read More »


I haven’t really been in much of a bloggy mood lately, probably because there hasn’t been a lot to talk about… or maybe there has and I’ve just not been arsed to sit down and write it all out. Either way, I’m still alive and I haven’t been informing anyone about it. One interesting thing happened not long ago, last weekend actually. We got a call from a credit card company asking if we’d tried to activate credit cards lately. We, of course, said no.. because we’re not in the habit of getting credit cards and spending money we don’t ... Read More »

Where Are The Search Parties?

I think I remember saying quite a while ago that if I disappear to send out search parties.. where the hell are they? .. and here I thought you people cared about me! This is probably the biggest gap I’ve ever had in my blogging but every time I thought about writing one I went “Meh.. I’ll do it later”. That’s pretty much a common theme with me with almost everything in my life. Dishes, dusting, school, blogging .. hell, it’s a good thing breathing comes naturally or I’d be fucked. So I had my 30th Birthday and it was ... Read More »


Yesterday I got paired with the girl formerly known as “The Bitch” during our groups portion of the lesson. Over the past week our paths really haven’t crossed, either she wasn’t in class or I wasn’t. Yesterday she seemed absolutely trilled to see me, which shocked the socks of me fer sure. She’s quite a bit more friendly than I initially thought she was, and I find it easier to speak Dutch to her than to most others in my class. When I speak she understands me, and she makes herself understood to me as well. That was a welcome ... Read More »

Pornolize Me!!

Someone posted a link somewhere for a website that will Pornolize any website you want. I did it to my website and Xander and I were in stitches laughing. My favorite part was: The first thing he did was scoop me up in his arms, kiss my cheek and whisper “You’re beautiful!” I squirted.. from Xander’s page in the description of how he and I met. There were much more funny parts but you can see for yourself. Although you won’t see the exact same as what I saw since it does something different every time. It’s stupid but soooo ... Read More »

Rotterdam > Amsterdam

Well for some reason my internet isn’t working. I woke up and was disconnected and can’t seem to get online again. I’ll have to wait for Xander to get up and fix it.Been thinking a lot about giving this website a makeover. The last few times I’ve looked at it I was sickened by all this teddybear crap. It’s SO girlie, what on earth was I thinking?! I figure it will be a pain in the ass to change the entire look of the site but I honestly can’t stand it like this anymore. It’s just NOT ME at all. ... Read More »

Petsitting in Amsterdam

This is Ginger, she’s the 5 month old Staffordshire Terrier I’m looking after at the moment. She’s quite a handful but she’s not nearly as crazy as the previous dog I looked after. She’s very very cute and she loves to pounce on Bailey and pin him to the floor. He doesn’t appear to like this quite as much. She’s not housebroken yet so she still goes on papers in the house, which makes life easier for me walk-wise as puppies that age who are freshly housebroken usually still need to go out like 100 times a day. Cleaning up ... Read More »