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That’s One Bigass Needle, Yo!


There was a time when I thought this was bad.  It was the first needle I had to learn to inject myself with and I remember having a minor cardiac arrest at the time because I was so nervous.  It turned out to be quite easy as it was sort of like a diabetic pen.  I just push the needle into my tummy and press a button and the pen does the work for me. Little did I know what I was in for.  It gets worse, so much worse… My medications were changed, so it required me to go ... Read More »

Gonna Get My Hump On


Yesterday I was whining about my weight issues with the fertility treatments, but I think my husband has found a solution!  He shared this video with me and thinks it might be just what I need to kick my weight loss back into gear… I’m not entirely sure, but I think he may have an ulterior motive. Read More »

When Project Baby and Project Fatass Collide


In order to start with my fertility treatments I had to lose over 80 lbs.  Here in the Netherlands they won’t give you hormone treatments unless you are beneath a certain BMI, due to the risk of hypertension and other complications.  I did really well for about 1.5 years, but I had no idea how difficult it was going to be once I started the hormone therapy. This stuff is making me batshit crazy, and hungry!  It’s like PMS all month long.  Seriously, it’s absolute insanity! For months I followed a very strict diet which excluded most carbs, all sugar ... Read More »

I Would Die For That Too


Today is the day I found out a few things. I found out that I will have at least one more month of giving myself injections, that in the next few weeks I will have anywhere between 5-7 hospital visits and that my life will once again revolve around hormones. I found out that for the next three to four weeks I’ll once again be fighting mood swings, side effects, food cravings and emotional tidal waves I’ve been living with for the past three months.  That I’ll spend at least one more month with people telling me just not to ... Read More »

30 Days of Truth: Day 29


ha!  Where do I start?  Do I have to just pick one thing? I’d like to change my weight… I’ve not lost a thing in the last three months, but with the fertility treatments and all the hormones that are being pumped into me, it’s taking everything I have just to maintain the weight I had gotten to.  At some point, either when the fertility treatments end or after I have a child (cross fingers) I’d like to continue with my weight loss journey and reach my final goals. I want to see what I look like at a truly ... Read More »

30 Days of Truth: Day 28


If I got someone pregnant, I would be rich.  The first female to ever get someone else pregnant… can you imagine what Oprah would pay for that story? If I were pregnant, I would be over the moon.  More than over the moon, I’d be in shock.  So much so that I probably would have a hard time believing it was true. When I started this 30 Days of Truth, this question stood out to me.  I’ve spent the last 28 days trying to figure out how I would answer.  Would I brush over it and try to be funny ... Read More »

Go Fetch!


Recently the topic of children has been brought up again between my husband and I.  Do we want them? Do we want to continue as we are and live our own lives free of that responsibility?  Are we willing to go to the lengths we need to go to in order to have them?  Do we want to GO THERE again? It’s all very confusing, but today something happened to me that has made my decision just a little bit easier. It made me realize that I really do want children afterall. They’d be really handy for fetching my granny ... Read More »

Phalanges … Dancing Phalanges!

Bones is one of my favorite shows, and in the latest episode Dr. Brennan gets a bit of baby fever.  Watching her try to be maternal and relate to babies is hilarious.   Even more hilarious than than when she tries to relate to adult humans. The whole baby fever thing is something I can totally understand, as my husband and I tried for years to start a family and gave up a while back.   From time to time when I see my friends with their children, I feel like we are really missing out on something and start to question ... Read More »

I Want to Help People


At least that’s what my doctor said the other day when in the process of telling me why he won’t help me.  Nice. One common theme among expats here in NL is their dislike and distrust of Dutch doctors.  I’ve always sort of been on the fence because I’ve never had a truly horrendous experience like some others have, but I’ve never actually felt helped with anything either. My history with Dutch doctors is a bit of a mixed bag.  On the smaller issues, like a sore ankle or something, they don’t mind shipping you off for x-rays and such.  ... Read More »

Faela, Fitting Right In!

Faela is going to need her own category soon.   I’m addicted to this child!  Holding her, kissing her (omg, she still has that baby smell, I love it) and most of all, taking pics of her! I took this pic on Wednesday when she and her mom joined myself and a group of other gals at Bagels & Beans for lunch.   As you can see, Faela is fitting right in with our little ‘coffee gang’.   Making sure she doesn’t miss anything (err… except when she’s asleep) and keeping an eye on us all.  Such a social little butterfly, she is! ... Read More »