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Adventures in Geocaching: Green & Park Rotterdam


Back in May Xander and I went geocaching for the second time, and I totally forgot to write about it!   It wasn’t long after our first geocaching adventure, and it looked like quite a fun one to do.  We were going to see a film that morning and decided that since this particular cache was in one of the parking areas in the city center, that we’d park there, walk to the theater and then do the cache before hopping in the car to go home. What I really liked about the cache was that you were supposed to be ... Read More »

Holiday Biking


Today is a holiday in the Netherlands so I have my honey home with me.  The weather has been beautiful so we decided to take advantage and go for a bike ride. We packed a lunch, grabbed an old duvet cover (mental note: buy picnic blanket!) and head off.  We biked through Zuiderpark, where I almost died with envy for the people who had the little boat with the umbrella out in the middle of the water.  Then back up around to some other areas with small man made beaches.  It’s really amazing where people will swim.  Most of the ... Read More »

Het Dak van Rotterdam


Today someone in one of my photo clubs shared something on Facebook and I thought it was SO cool!  It’s a website that has taken a collection of panoramic and 360 degree photos taken from all different rooftops around the city.  They have put it together so that you can tour Rotterdam from above via these photos. (The following photos are screenshots from the website, not photos I have taken – I wish!) Basically, you just click on the circle to see the view from the rooftop of that building. You can use your mouse to pull the view from ... Read More »

Pea Soup Sunday

Last Sunday I posted about the foggy weather and sure enough, it’s the same this week, another Pea Soup Sunday!  I guess it could be worse, it could be pouring down rain, or freezing but still… I could use a little sunshine again! I get the feeling we are in for a rather long and dreary winter in the Netherlands this year, which is a bit sad after the dreary summer we had. On the upside, it’s less than two weeks until I get to start decorating for Christmas, and you KNOW how much I love Christmas!!! Read More »

Foggy Sunday


This morning I woke up and couldn’t tell if the windows of our flat were foggy or if it was REALLY that foggy outside. Turns out, it REALLY was that foggy outside.  I grabbed my point and shoot and quickly snapped some photos from our front balcony.  It’s a bit wonky but you can get the idea.  There is some serious fog going on here in Rotterdam this morning.  I’m sure it will probably burn off a little later when the sun is out, or maybe not… doesn’t really matter, it feels like a cozy and quiet day here in ... Read More »

101 List–Join a Book Club


Number 16 on my 101 List was to join a book club.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while but never really bothered to look into.  So when some friends of started one, I was all over it! I’m not actually in the above photo, as I had forgotten my tripod and was busy taking the photo myself, but you can see the friends that are currently in the club with me.  A great group of ladies who are a lot of fun to sit around gabbing with.  We do chat about the books quite a lot ... Read More »

Oude Luxor Theater – Backstage Pass!


Last week a friend asked if I would go along with her to check out a photo club here in Rotterdam.  She left a link to the Urban Photo Collective on Facebook and asked me to check it out.  My first instinct was to decline, because it’s a Dutch group and I was nervous about not fitting in.  I tried to do that inner self pep talk thing that I do from time to time and quickly messaged her to let her know I would go, before I had a chance to change my mind. So that Saturday afternoon we ... Read More »

Lightning Over Lombardijen


One thing I’ve always wanted was to get some photos of lightning, the really giant fork lightning like you see on all the great photos on Flickr.  We don’t get a lot of that here in the Netherlands, and if we do we don’t see much because it’s often really cloudy. Last night we had a thunder and lightning storm here in Rotterdam and there was a LOT of lightning.  Most of it, as usual, was up in the clouds… but there was some really cool visible lightning too.  So I took a stool, my camera and tripod and camped ... Read More »

The Day I Almost Killed a Cyclist


Rant incoming! It’s about people, and how they suck… and the rules of the road in the Netherlands that I just don’t understand! Today my husband and I were driving to the supermarket, and he nearly hit a biker with the car.  We both instantly thought that the guy was in the wrong, and apparently he thought the same about us. Here’s the scene: We were driving along the street when we came along one of these weird dremples (speed bumps) with the pole next to it.  The reddish lane is a bicycle lane, but this old-ish lady in a ... Read More »

Cecab Rotterdam vs Groove Kings – A Face Off!


Saturday my friend Penny and I went into Rotterdam for a girl’s day before she leaves for holiday to California for three weeks. We shopped, had lunch, shopped, sat on some terraces and shopped.  It was a beautiful with our first 20+ degree weather of the year. At the end of the day we went to watch a display that was being put on by two clubs here in Rotterdam, Cecab Holland and Groove Kings.  It was a lighthearted face off between the Capoeira club and the breakdancers, and it was SO much fun to watch! Before it all got ... Read More »

Hey Moon, You Are ZUPAAAH!


Tonight is the night of the super full moon, where it comes the closest it has been to Earth in approximately 18 years. They say the moon is supposed to appear 14% bigger than usual but I’m not sure how you are supposed to really tell. A while back I took photos of the moon for my 101 List, but I figured since this moon is supposed to be SUPER, I probably should again. Was it actually super?  Well, I dunno… it just looked like the moon on a clear night to me, but what do I know?  It did ... Read More »