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The Little Things


This morning I went off to the city center to meet up with the ladies from the Rotterdam Stitch’n’Bitch group.  I had gotten together with them on Tuesday evening as well and decided to go see who is there on Saturday mornings.  It was busier today, with 10-12 people as opposed to the four of us who were there on Tuesday.  It’s a Dutch group but they are very sweet about speaking English when there is something I don’t understand.  Listening to them and the Dutch I do speak with them is great practice for me.  They often ask if ... Read More »

Rotterdam Marathon


For all the years I’ve been living here I’ve never once bothered to go check out the Rotterdam Marathon.  It just wasn’t something I was interested in at all.  This year I thought I would go and watch, partly because I’m hellbent on getting out and being more involved in things that go on here, but also because I have a better camera now and was interested in taking photos. I wasn’t sure what time to go over to the area where they’d be passing through our neighbourhood.  We knew the race started at 11am and we are at the ... Read More »

Neighbourhood Destruction


A few years ago we noticed some of the buildings in our neighbourhood putting up protest signs that they didn’t want to move.  Having seen this in other areas of the city previously we knew that their days were numbered.  The city had decided to demolish their houses to make way for newer and better buildings.  It took years to get all the residents out finally and over the past half a year or so they’ve started tearing them down. The houses in these photos are quite big but there were a lot which were very small and run down.  ... Read More »

Project Fatass Heads Into Spring


Now that I have finally broken the 50 lbs lost point and Project Fatass has made it through winter, it’s time to move on to another goal.  I won’t say what it is because I’m still too embarrassed by the numbers, but it’s 8 lbs away.  Sound easy, right?  Yeah, not really.  Having already done 50 lbs another 8 lbs should be a breeze.  Except, it’s not.  I’m stuck.  I’ve not been going to the gym like I should be because, well… I just don’t like it!  I hate exercising for the sake of exercise and I don’t like an ... Read More »

My Rotterdam Challengers Experience


Last night I went to my first Rotterdam Challengers game here in Rotterdam.  A friend of mine (who will remain nameless to save her from being hounded for favors) told me she had a friend who could get her free tickets so I was like, oh HELL yeah!  I love basketball! I’ve been to many basketball games back in Canada, but I somehow remembered it as being more exciting than the game was last night.  Perhaps it was the lack of fans that attended (or maybe there just aren’t that many, I don’t know), or the poor performance by the ... Read More »

Lock of Love Rotterdam


On February 14, 2010 (Valentine’s Day) the Lock of Love art piece was placed in Rotterdam’s popular district of Delfshaven.  The Lock of Love ritual has been taking place all over the world, and is now here in Rotterdam as well.  Not just a rail on a bridge or a chain around a lamppost, this work of art has love written all over it. The story goes that if a couple brings a lock to the Lock of Love location, the love will last as long as the lock is hanging. Yesterday Xander and I picked up a lock at ... Read More »

Sometimes I Really Love Rotterdam


Last night on our way to the Film Festival I had to stop and just look at this for a moment.  It’s the square at Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam.  The photo doesn’t do it justice, but there were so many twinkling lights and on a cold winter night it looked really beautiful. The red things that look like cranes actually have big spotlights on the end, and you can control them using a panel in the middle at the bottom. For all the times I get frustrated living here or think of how much I’d love to move out of the ... Read More »

Shoe Tree


  Today we went shopping in the city center.  While walking along Westblaak we saw this tree full of shoes.  When I asked a local shop owner about it they said that one day someone bought a new pair of shoes in their shop and threw their old ones in the tree.  Then for whatever reason, other people started throwing shoes in the tree too.  Perhaps one day I will throw a pair of my own up there. Read More »

First Snow of 2009

Yesterday is snowed in the Netherlands and I woke up and squealed like a crazy person.  Thankfully I was home alone as it was one of the few days this month that my husband was called in to work.  I thought about going out to take photos but it was so dark and dreary that I decided not to.  This morning we had a bit more snow and I went out with hubby and the dogs to snap a few while we went for a walk. Here are some photos of the three loves of my life: First, my darling ... Read More »

Stranger Danger!


A while back I wrote about being walk stalked by some African dude while I was out with the dog.  This was in 2006, but it has happened a number of times since then.  Tonight’s episode was especially nerve wracking for me though, because it was night, and I’m not usually out alone at night.  Xander is off at a big Lego conference this weekend and he usually does the night time dog walk, but tonight I was on my own. Anyhow, here’s how it went down. It was warm today and I spent the bulk of the day in ... Read More »

Full Speed Tram Crash in Rotterdam


Well this is something I haven’t heard of happening since I’ve been living here. Yesterday at approximately 2:25pm in the afternoon tram 23, heading in direction Holy smashed full speed into the back of tram 21, which was standing still at the time.   The crash took place in Rotterdam West in the Vierambachtsstraat near Mathenesserplein in Rotterdam. In total 39 people were injured.  Ten with neck injuries and broken bones, while 29 others escaped with minor cuts and bruises.  The numbers could have been much worse if the tram had been busier with more people standing. Police have detained the ... Read More »