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Full Speed Tram Crash in Rotterdam


Well this is something I haven’t heard of happening since I’ve been living here. Yesterday at approximately 2:25pm in the afternoon tram 23, heading in direction Holy smashed full speed into the back of tram 21, which was standing still at the time.   The crash took place in Rotterdam West …

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Decorating Early

Today while I was in town I took this photo of the Christmas decorations in the city center.   Everywhere I turn there are people complaining about Christmas decorations and items being out already, but I honestly couldn’t be happier about it.   I think here in the Netherlands we are slightly …

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Diergaarde Blijdorp v2


While my parents were here we took them to the Rotterdam Zoo.  I really love that place.   I went there one other time with some girlfriends but even in the 1.5 years since I’ve been there, so much has changed. My (sort of) favorite change is that they have POLAR …

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Canadian Invasion

My parents have been here now for a week and a half.   I have three days left with them before we get up and put them on a plane… not something I am looking forward to.   I am looking forward to getting back to our old routine, as I’m sure …

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Auto Free Day


In veel steden kunnen fietsers en wandelaars zondag hun hart ophalen. Milieudefensie viert dan de tiende verjaardag van de zogenoemde autovrije dag. De straten in het centrum van 22 dorpen en steden zijn autovrij. Today is ‘Auto Free Day’ in Rotterdam and 21 other cities and towns across the Netherlands.  …

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Rotterdam Without War


When I was out with my friend Penny the other day we were talking about Rotterdam and how it’s changed because of World War II, and it got me to thinking about how different things might be here had it all never happened. You see, during the war, the Nazis …

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Gratis Inburgeren!

Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?  If not, then you are proving something I’ve been asking myself about all the time. I’ve been seeing these ads on trams all over the city but keep missing the chance to take a photo, but the other day on my …

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Booo! OV Chipkaart


The new-ish thing for public transit here in Rotterdam is the OV Chipkaart.    It’s a card that you can charge up with credit and use on the public transit to get around the city. In the past we used something called a strippenkaart which was a long paper thing sectioned …

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I Love This City

Over the past few years I’ve really grown to appreciate the city I live in.   I think I’m becoming a hardcore Rotterdammer at heart.   I can understand why tourists prefer Amsterdam, as it still has more of that historical Dutch look but Rotterdam has some of that too, but with …

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Spring is Coming!

Although this winter hasn’t been nearly as bad for me mentally as other winters have been in the past, I’m still really excited to see signs of spring coming, like this blue sky out the window at work yesterday. The temperatures have been going up slightly and the sun is …

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Babies Everywhere!

Have you ever seen such amazing big brown eyes?  This is Tiana, the daughter of a new expat friend of mine from the UK. Thank god I’m over my baby fever because I’m surrounded with them at the moment!  Almost very woman I know is either pregnant or recently popped.  …

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