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Decorating Early

Today while I was in town I took this photo of the Christmas decorations in the city center.   Everywhere I turn there are people complaining about Christmas decorations and items being out already, but I honestly couldn’t be happier about it.   I think here in the Netherlands we are slightly early as well because we have Sinterklaas in early December. I have become completely obsessed with Christmas, I admit it.   The thing is though, as an expat Christmas can be extremely difficult.  For the first few years I found it so hard being away from my family and friends.   When ... Read More »

Diergaarde Blijdorp v2


While my parents were here we took them to the Rotterdam Zoo.  I really love that place.   I went there one other time with some girlfriends but even in the 1.5 years since I’ve been there, so much has changed. My (sort of) favorite change is that they have POLAR BEARS.  I was so excited I took about 100 photos of them. Unfortunately, once I finished taking the photos and really stopped to look at them, I felt really sorry for them.   Their enclosure wasn’t that big and other than this one eating the ice, they looked agitated and bored.   ... Read More »

Canadian Invasion

My parents have been here now for a week and a half.   I have three days left with them before we get up and put them on a plane… not something I am looking forward to.   I am looking forward to getting back to our old routine, as I’m sure my parents are… but the airport scene always sucks.  I always want to get it overwith really quickly, which is weird because I should want every last minute I can with them, but those last few minutes can get really tense with the trying not to cry and all that. ... Read More »

Auto Free Day


In veel steden kunnen fietsers en wandelaars zondag hun hart ophalen. Milieudefensie viert dan de tiende verjaardag van de zogenoemde autovrije dag. De straten in het centrum van 22 dorpen en steden zijn autovrij. Today is ‘Auto Free Day’ in Rotterdam and 21 other cities and towns across the Netherlands.  This is the 10th year that this has taken place, yet I don’t seem to ever remember it.  Maybe because for the first 7 years I was here we didn’t have a car anyway, which is probably why I feel so strongly about this whole thing.  I’ve paid my dues! ... Read More »

Rotterdam Without War


When I was out with my friend Penny the other day we were talking about Rotterdam and how it’s changed because of World War II, and it got me to thinking about how different things might be here had it all never happened. You see, during the war, the Nazis bombed the city center to bits.  They didn’t just blow up some shit, they flattened it.  The few things they left standing included the Grote Kerk (“Big Church”) and the Stadhuis (City Hall).  Before the war Rotterdam was like any other city in the Netherlands.   It’s city center had that ... Read More »

Gratis Inburgeren!

Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?  If not, then you are proving something I’ve been asking myself about all the time. I’ve been seeing these ads on trams all over the city but keep missing the chance to take a photo, but the other day on my way home from work I managed to snap this quickly as the tram was pulling away. These are ads for free integration courses.  Basically, the course I took a while back where you learn the language, a bit of history, some social stuff, etc.  It was free for me then ... Read More »

Booo! OV Chipkaart


The new-ish thing for public transit here in Rotterdam is the OV Chipkaart.    It’s a card that you can charge up with credit and use on the public transit to get around the city. In the past we used something called a strippenkaart which was a long paper thing sectioned into blocks or ‘strips’.  Depending on how many zones you were travelling, you’d stamp a certain amount of strips.  It was easy enough really and I never really minded.  The OV Chipkaart was designed to make it even easier though, and from what I can tell… it’s failing. The main ... Read More »

I Love This City

Over the past few years I’ve really grown to appreciate the city I live in.   I think I’m becoming a hardcore Rotterdammer at heart.   I can understand why tourists prefer Amsterdam, as it still has more of that historical Dutch look but Rotterdam has some of that too, but with something really cool and modern mixed in. I took these photos from the livingroom window of my managers 17th floor flat in downtown Rotterdam.   What an amazing view she has!  I can’t imagine the amount of photos I’d be taking if I had that kind of view, especially on New ... Read More »

Spring is Coming!

Although this winter hasn’t been nearly as bad for me mentally as other winters have been in the past, I’m still really excited to see signs of spring coming, like this blue sky out the window at work yesterday. The temperatures have been going up slightly and the sun is starting to show itself more and more.   I love it!  Soon everything will be bright, the flowers will start coming out and everything will come back to life.    If my contract is extended I’m soooo going to love spending 8 hours a day in an air conditioned building.  Of course, ... Read More »

Babies Everywhere!

Have you ever seen such amazing big brown eyes?  This is Tiana, the daughter of a new expat friend of mine from the UK. Thank god I’m over my baby fever because I’m surrounded with them at the moment!  Almost very woman I know is either pregnant or recently popped.  A few years ago this would have been extremely difficult for me and would have driven me into a serious depression, but not anymore.   I’m happy to visit with other people’s children, get a cuddle, take some pics and go home and get a full night’s sleep! bwahaha I’ve seen ... Read More »

Holiday Tidbits

If I didn’t know better I’d think there was a war taking place in Rotterdam these past few days.   As we get closer to the New Year, more and more fireworks are being sold in the city, and more people are setting them off early.   It starts in the early morning with the firecrackers and once it gets dark you can see fireworks going off every few minutes.   I’m amazed there aren’t more missing digits and limbs here with the amount of young people who play with explosives. It’s getting irritating, to be honest.   I love it on New Years ... Read More »