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My Gastric Bypass: 1 Year (Long Overdue!) Update


Well, can you believe it? It’s been one year already!  One year ago at the very time that I am typing this I was just out of surgery and my exciting post-op experience was about to begin!  Seriously, I have been living in a time warp because it feels like it was just a few months ago.  I cannot believe that it’s been a year already.  What an amazing, crazy, mind-blowing year this has been! I’ve not given a proper update since my 7 month point, sorry for that. I really did have the best of intentions going in but ... Read More »

My Gastric Bypass: Getting Real About Hair Loss


First, let me say… UGH! Second, let me say… DOUBLE UGH! Right, well now that I have that out of the way, I can get down to the topic at hand, hair loss. The view this morning when I looked over the side of my chair.  A graveyard of lost hair I’ve pulled off my shirt over the past day or so… and that is only this one particular spot in the house. Not even the tip of the iceberg. I have to give a bit of a disclaimer here because the hair loss issue is nothing new to me. ... Read More »

Confessions of a Fat Girl: The Last Resort


Biological Clock Embroidery by Maximum RABBIT Designs Ok, well it looks like this is becoming a bit of a series, this whole Confessions thing.  I’ve been trying to be as honest and open as possible about my efforts to lose weight, as well as about my issues with infertility.  I think the greater part of my reason for it is because it makes me feel better to get it all out.  I also continue to do it because I know that there are other people out there, like me, who find it helpful when others open up about their experiences. ... Read More »

Review: We Need to Talk About Kevin


Ages ago I read the book We Need to Talk About Kevin and this is what I had to say about it: This book sucked hardcore for the first few chapters and I had to force myself through it. It was long winded and the author appears to go out of her way to use run-on sentences and difficult language. I hate giving up on a book though, and I tend to try to push through them in case there is something better to be found. I’m glad I did with this one, because it got very very good. Once ... Read More »

Ever Felt Like You Were Being Watched?


The above photo shows you what I see when I look out my living room window.  We live across from a seniors complex and I’ve posted a few times about how I feel a bit like we live in a goldfish bowl.  When you are sitting on my sofa, this is what you see… Ok, without the window cleaning brush, I mean.  The buildings are quite a lot closer than they look in the first photo, so it’s pretty easy to look into each other’s windows, and that has always bugged me. It has never bugged me more, however, than ... Read More »

How I Got Punked For April Fool’s


So, today is April Fool’s day… and it started out like this, when I sent out a warning to the internet on Twitter (and Facebook). You see, there are a lot of things I hate, cuz I’m like that, I’m a hater… and I really hate 1) being startled 2) being tricked.  The reason for this is because it is SO DAMN EASY.  I am both jumpy and gullible by nature so I really am easy pickings when it comes to things like April Fool’s day and those viral videos that make you jump out of your skin. If you ... Read More »

Bailey! Quit Being a Jackass!


That’s me about 100 times a day at the dog park.  Oh, give me strength! For the last week or two we have been trying to socialize our dogs by taking them to a nearby enclosed dog park.  Bailey has become quite anti-social over the years, especially with other male dogs.  He snarls and lunges and gives me a heart attack. I know Cesar Milan would tell me to be calm, but how can I be calm when my little dog is trying to get himself eaten by a Bouvier!!  After he was attacked by a Rottweiler I’ve been incredibly ... Read More »

That’s One Bigass Needle, Yo!


There was a time when I thought this was bad.  It was the first needle I had to learn to inject myself with and I remember having a minor cardiac arrest at the time because I was so nervous.  It turned out to be quite easy as it was sort of like a diabetic pen.  I just push the needle into my tummy and press a button and the pen does the work for me. Little did I know what I was in for.  It gets worse, so much worse… My medications were changed, so it required me to go ... Read More »

30 Days of Truth: Day 27


OMG IT IS SO TOTALLY MY LAPTOP!! Seriously, if you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you are all too aware of my cardiac arrest this evening when my laptop died on me.  I got up from a nap and realized it was really slow so I decided to reboot it.  When it came time to start back up, nothing happened. PANIC!! I got my husband to do his magic cord pulling and button pressing maneuvers but nothing worked.  That’s when the panic really set in. While he was messing around with that I got ... Read More »

Screw Your Dreams!


That’s what I’d say to my teenager if they told me they wanted to sail around the world, climb a mountain people die on, bungee jump, skydive or … oh, I don’t know… roller skate?   It’s probably a blessing for my imaginary children that they don’t actually exist because this is one of those times where I wonder if I’d be a terrible, unreasonable and overprotective parent. This morning I saw an article about a 16 year old girl who is attempting to sail around the world solo.  She is also currently missing after setting off her distress beacon during ... Read More »

The Peking Acrobats

Last night my friend Laila and I went to the Old Luxor Theater in Rotterdam to see the Peking Acrobats.  We weren’t sure what to expect but it was a mixture of wonder, amazement, disappointment and absolute terror. Not my photo, we weren’t allowed to take any so I had to resort to looking for one on the internet.  Anyhow, they did some really fantastic stuff, like in the photo above.  There was a lot of jumping, flexing, balancing and flipping.  Most of it went ok but in the first half there were a few big disasters.   At one point ... Read More »