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365 Days of Self Portraits: Days 107-113


In an effort to gain self confidence and deal with body image issues still remaining after my weight loss, I decided to take part in a 365 project focusing on self portraits.  My hopes are that after a year of taking a photo of myself ever day, that I will …

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The Little Gallbladder That Couldn’t


As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been having troubles with my gallbladder.  It all started years ago when I started having trouble with heartburn, night after night I’d be kept awake with the pains in my chest, some nights even getting bad enough for me to go …

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Randomy Randomness


I’m a little out of it at the moment but I feel like writing so I’m going to have one of those blurb moments where I just go on about whatever is on my mind.

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Who Knew Tuberculosis Could Be So Fun?!


Well, fun for us anyway! It’s not so fun for Christiaan Van Vuuren at the moment, as he’s been in quarantine in Sydney Hospital in Australia since the end of last year. The info as of Jan 6th from his YouTube Page: On Wednesday the 9th December I was admitted …

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The Mosquitoes Won


I know, I’m STILL going on about mosquitoes in February, but they are still causing me pain! See, here’s what happened.  It was early September and I was laying in bed in the wee hours of the morning when I felt a mosquito bite on my back.  It was about …

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Gag Me!

Actually, no… don’t! A week from today I have my 2nd appointment for a Gastroscopy, not fun.  It goes a little something like this… I just had it done on the 18th, and you’d think once would be enough but please… this is me we’re taking about.  It goes without …

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Allergic To Nature


On Sunday Xander and I went to the Biesbosch in Brabant, just south of here.  It’s quite lovely around there with lots of water and nature.  There are boats you can rent to see the area from a different perspective and lots of trails for biking and hiking.   We drove …

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