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Two Dogs + One Camera = Back Agony


If you have two dogs, and you use those extension leads with the big plastic handles… don’t do like I did today and think you can hold both of them and your camera at the same time.  Whatever is out there can wait.  Otherwise, you will just end up deciding it’s a good idea to put one lead between your legs so you have a hand free for the camera.  It’s true, but when the dog sees a cat – watch out!  Your SUDDEN THIGH CLENCHING BENDING SQUATTING action is guaranteed to give you one hell of a pulled back. ... Read More »

I Want to Help People


At least that’s what my doctor said the other day when in the process of telling me why he won’t help me.  Nice. One common theme among expats here in NL is their dislike and distrust of Dutch doctors.  I’ve always sort of been on the fence because I’ve never had a truly horrendous experience like some others have, but I’ve never actually felt helped with anything either. My history with Dutch doctors is a bit of a mixed bag.  On the smaller issues, like a sore ankle or something, they don’t mind shipping you off for x-rays and such.  ... Read More »

I Don’t Want a Spa Day!


Last night I crawled into bed and heaved a big sigh.  Our new bed is so comfy and with the fleece sheets on in the winter it’s like crawling into a cloud.  I was tired, it was almost 1am which is pretty late for us but not unusual lately since Xander has been working from home a lot. I was comfortable, but didn’t really feel at ease.   I felt anxious and weird.   Over the past one or two months I’ve been fighting off the winter blues that have plagued me in the winter months in the past.   I dove into ... Read More »

We Wish You a Geeky Christmas!

Holy crap, can you believe it?!!  I remember when I started the countdown on my header, it was 68 days until Christmas and now it’s here! This is where Xander and I will spend Christmas Eve – in front of the tree, behind our laptops, just the way we like it!  Ok, I’m sure I’d probably prefer to be visiting family, and I did have a minor meltdown about that last night, but it was to be expected.  I don’t think any expat truly makes it through the holidays without at least a little jag of homesickness.  That has passed ... Read More »

Woe is Me


I have a bunch of stuff in my head but can’t really concentrate on one single thing.  Welcome to my pity party… I went to a party last weekend that had a lot of crying snot covered little kids in a small area.  Having not purchased myself a plastic bubble yet, I got ANOTHER COLD.  Yeah, you heard me right… and yes I know I just had one last month.  Believe me, I know. That trip to the dentist for a checkup I was forced into after going with Xander?   TWO CAVATIES!  I had them both filled but they did ... Read More »

Least Favorite Places – Huisartsenpost

If I were to make a list of my least favorite places to be here in the Netherlands, it would be here.   The waiting room at our local huisartsenpost (kind of like outpatients, where you go outside of office hours, only … different).  I took this photo with my mobile while sitting there being miserable this afternoon. We’ve been here a few times before like The Night From Hell, when I thought I was dying but turned out to just have heartburn and other times but I forget why.  Every time we are there I am made more miserable by ... Read More »

Princess Pixel

Pixel is slowly coming around to her old self.   She can now jump onto the sofa, run around looking for treats and torment Bailey now and then.   We do try to stop the playing though as her incision has not fully healed yet. She spent the first two days acting like a little drama queen, and she was not happy unless she was able to sleep on one of us like in the above photo.  Is this a dog or a baby?  If it weren’t for the fur I’d have trouble figuring it out! How can you not treat her ... Read More »

Awww… Zielig!


Well today was the big day for Pixel.  Now six months old it was time to have her sterilized.  The poor little thing!   It was so heartbreaking for me to have this done to her now but I know it is the best thing for her.   We learned our lesson by putting it off too long with Bailey, and weren’t going to make that mistake again. It was so hard though, she is so little!!!  It really was like sending a baby in! While she was under they checked her eye which still shows the damage but is healing well.  ... Read More »

Poor Pixel

Even though I’m feeling like crap at the moment I am giving all my well wishing vibes to Pixel.   Somehow she managed to scratch her eye, which has caused some swelling and irritation. The vet said that she has a scratch on her cornea and gave us cream to put in her eye 4 times a day.   We felt terrible, wondering how it might have happened, but he said it could have been anything.  Maybe something from playing with Bailey, or even just a branch when she walked into a bush to pee. Anyhow, she’s a little squinty and very ... Read More »


Kill me now.  I mean it… just take me out back like a lame horse and put me down.   I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!! My parents will be here in four days. FOUR DAYS. Tomorrow it will only be THREE DAYS… and I have a cold!  It started out as loads of sneezing, but I told myself it was just from the dust we were kicking up while clearing out the spare room. I feel it though, that familiar feeling in my nose and throat.  I’m stuffy, I slept for three hours this afternoon when I should have ... Read More »

I. Am. Afraid.


Everywhere I turn people are talking about cold and flu.  I’m scared.  I feel like I want to walk around wearing a mask and spraying everything around me down with Lysol. If you have ever read this blog, you’ll know that my body is a finely tuned machine.  Oh not in the way you might think, I can’t run a mile to save my life.  As a matter of fact, I’d probably be saving my life by not attempting to running one. What I mean is, my body is a finely tuned germ seeking machine.  If I run into the ... Read More »