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I Want to Help People


At least that’s what my doctor said the other day when in the process of telling me why he won’t help me.  Nice. One common theme among expats here in NL is their dislike and distrust of Dutch doctors.  I’ve always sort of been on the fence because I’ve never …

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I Don’t Want a Spa Day!


Last night I crawled into bed and heaved a big sigh.  Our new bed is so comfy and with the fleece sheets on in the winter it’s like crawling into a cloud.  I was tired, it was almost 1am which is pretty late for us but not unusual lately since …

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We Wish You a Geeky Christmas!

Holy crap, can you believe it?!!  I remember when I started the countdown on my header, it was 68 days until Christmas and now it’s here! This is where Xander and I will spend Christmas Eve – in front of the tree, behind our laptops, just the way we like …

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Woe is Me


I have a bunch of stuff in my head but can’t really concentrate on one single thing.  Welcome to my pity party… I went to a party last weekend that had a lot of crying snot covered little kids in a small area.  Having not purchased myself a plastic bubble …

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Princess Pixel

Pixel is slowly coming around to her old self.   She can now jump onto the sofa, run around looking for treats and torment Bailey now and then.   We do try to stop the playing though as her incision has not fully healed yet. She spent the first two days acting …

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Awww… Zielig!


Well today was the big day for Pixel.  Now six months old it was time to have her sterilized.  The poor little thing!   It was so heartbreaking for me to have this done to her now but I know it is the best thing for her.   We learned our lesson …

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Poor Pixel

Even though I’m feeling like crap at the moment I am giving all my well wishing vibes to Pixel.   Somehow she managed to scratch her eye, which has caused some swelling and irritation. The vet said that she has a scratch on her cornea and gave us cream to put …

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I. Am. Afraid.


Everywhere I turn people are talking about cold and flu.  I’m scared.  I feel like I want to walk around wearing a mask and spraying everything around me down with Lysol. If you have ever read this blog, you’ll know that my body is a finely tuned machine.  Oh not …

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