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365 Days – It’s a Challenge Alright!

I just woke up from a nap during my painting break (hence the red cheeks). I am so tired I can’t figure out what needs attention more urgently. My paint splattered glasses or my unruly eyebrows. (365 Days – Day 2) After watching other friends taking part in the 365 …

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I haven’t really been in much of a bloggy mood lately, probably because there hasn’t been a lot to talk about… or maybe there has and I’ve just not been arsed to sit down and write it all out. Either way, I’m still alive and I haven’t been informing anyone …

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Where Are The Search Parties?

I think I remember saying quite a while ago that if I disappear to send out search parties.. where the hell are they? .. and here I thought you people cared about me! This is probably the biggest gap I’ve ever had in my blogging but every time I thought …

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Pornolize Me!!

Someone posted a link somewhere for a website that will Pornolize any website you want. I did it to my website and Xander and I were in stitches laughing. My favorite part was: The first thing he did was scoop me up in his arms, kiss my cheek and whisper …

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Beautiful Basenjis

This is Gus and Ike, the dogs I’m petsitting this weekend while their owners are in London. They are Basenjis which is a breed that originates in Africa. They are so sweet and easy to care for, I really love being here with them. The thing I find most strange …

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