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101 List – Learn to Knit Socks


I DID IT!  After years of saying how much I want to learn to knit socks I finally sat down and started trying to learn how. With the help of my friend Staci from VeryPink.com I have followed her wonderful tutorials for learning to knit socks!  You may (ok probably not but whatever) remember Staci from years ago when I used to doggy sit for her and hang out with her two beautiful dogs Gus and Ike.  I loved those dogs so much, I will so totally own a Basenji one day. Anyway, I am now kicking myself for not ... Read More »

365 Days – It’s a Challenge Alright!

I just woke up from a nap during my painting break (hence the red cheeks). I am so tired I can’t figure out what needs attention more urgently. My paint splattered glasses or my unruly eyebrows. (365 Days – Day 2) After watching other friends taking part in the 365 Days Flickr Group.  The challenge is to take one self portrait every day for a year.   Thankfully they don’t all have to be face shots.  As long as some part of your body is in the photo it still counts, like my Day 1 photo. When I was little my ... Read More »


I haven’t really been in much of a bloggy mood lately, probably because there hasn’t been a lot to talk about… or maybe there has and I’ve just not been arsed to sit down and write it all out. Either way, I’m still alive and I haven’t been informing anyone about it. One interesting thing happened not long ago, last weekend actually. We got a call from a credit card company asking if we’d tried to activate credit cards lately. We, of course, said no.. because we’re not in the habit of getting credit cards and spending money we don’t ... Read More »

Where Are The Search Parties?

I think I remember saying quite a while ago that if I disappear to send out search parties.. where the hell are they? .. and here I thought you people cared about me! This is probably the biggest gap I’ve ever had in my blogging but every time I thought about writing one I went “Meh.. I’ll do it later”. That’s pretty much a common theme with me with almost everything in my life. Dishes, dusting, school, blogging .. hell, it’s a good thing breathing comes naturally or I’d be fucked. So I had my 30th Birthday and it was ... Read More »

Pornolize Me!!

Someone posted a link somewhere for a website that will Pornolize any website you want. I did it to my website and Xander and I were in stitches laughing. My favorite part was: The first thing he did was scoop me up in his arms, kiss my cheek and whisper “You’re beautiful!” I squirted.. from Xander’s page in the description of how he and I met. There were much more funny parts but you can see for yourself. Although you won’t see the exact same as what I saw since it does something different every time. It’s stupid but soooo ... Read More »

Beautiful Basenjis

This is Gus and Ike, the dogs I’m petsitting this weekend while their owners are in London. They are Basenjis which is a breed that originates in Africa. They are so sweet and easy to care for, I really love being here with them. The thing I find most strange about them is that they never bark. They are actually known as the barkless breed. These two are so cuddly and sweet, I may just try to pack them in my bag and take them home with me! I’m also looking after a Tortoise named Daisy, I will get some ... Read More »