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They’re Everywhere!


Isn’t it typical that just when I am starting to think about trying to lose weight, I am being haunted by KFC?  -  It’s EVERYWHERE! Yesterday I got up and checked my favorite celeb gossip site and saw a write-up about how Oprah has Americans everywhere running to KFC to …

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Phalanges … Dancing Phalanges!

Bones is one of my favorite shows, and in the latest episode Dr. Brennan gets a bit of baby fever.  Watching her try to be maternal and relate to babies is hilarious.   Even more hilarious than than when she tries to relate to adult humans. The whole baby fever thing …

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Watching Dreams Come True – The Susan Boyle Experience


As you know, I’m a big Reality TV junkie.  I’ve been subjecting myself to the insanity of American Idol for years, even though I not-so-secretly hate it.   I’ve watched Project Runway, Survivor, The Amazing Race, Hell’s Kitchen and endless other reality shows as well.   I’m not sure why I like …

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Only in the Netherlands!


A while back I blogged about some funny Dutch TV ads, and every time I’ve seen the above ad I’ve meant to put it on here as well but kept forgetting. I just saw this at 7pm on a Sunday evening while sitting and watching some TV after dinner.   Even …

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Today I had this conversation with my friend Suzy on Facebook: Suzy: wants to let everyone know, Monday, March 2, Big Bang Theory hits Dutch TV: Veronica 9:50 =o). 11 minutes ago – Me: at 2:51pm February 28 LOVE THAT SHOW!! I download it and watch it faithfully. I have …

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United States of Tara


New show to love!   Usually I’m quite on top of good new shows but this one was recommended to me by a friend and I’m so glad, I love it!   If you haven’t watched it, you should… Toni Colette is better than ever and I think the story has some …

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Halloween in The Netherlands


Halloween is not a big thing in NL at all.  They sell a small amount of decoration in some shops but there is no big hype about it like back in North America.  There’s no children out trick or treating, no big zombie walks like in Toronto (I soooo wish …

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Desperately Disappointing


Yesterday I watched the first episode of the new season of Desperate Housewives.  Oh god, where to start!  I loved this show in the beginning but haveused it as more of a time filler show last season, rather than something I was actually eager to see.   This season, I’m not …

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Dead Like Me – The Movie!


If you have never heard of the show Dead Like Me, it’s not really a big surprise.  It was one of those oddities, like Firefly, that doesn’t run for long but is mysteriously canceled, causing an uproar among fans.  It has a cult following and those who loved it loved …

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The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth


I recently watched the first season of The Big Bang Theory and instead of laughing at the characters, I was laughing with them and wishing I was the one who lived across the hall from them. I think a lot of women dream about living across the hall from Brad …

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Big Brother UK Winner Revealed!!


If you are watching this season and haven’t seen the winner yet, stop reading now!!  There will be major spoilers. It’s no secret that I’m a Reality TV junky, so it will come as no surprise that I’ve been following Big Brother UK for the past few years.   I enjoy …

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