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The Things You Don’t Expect Post-WLS


A friend of mine posted a video on our little WLS group today and I literally laughed out loud.  I can relate to every single thing the girl says in this video and I applaud her for making things that suck so damn bad be so funny. Though she goes about it in such a funny way, you may think she is exaggerating… but sadly, she isn’t. [youtube id=”f8dbITs2R-w” width=”600″ height=”350″] Be prepared, because when I showed this video to my husband and asked if it seemed familiar?  He said yes, especially the swearing.  So yeah, there’s going to be ... Read More »

The Best Year Ever – In Photos!


Something I really wanted to include in my 1 year post-op update was a video slideshow of everything that has taken place over the past year.  It turned out to be way more work than I was expecting (self imposed, of course!) so I did my update and saved it for later.  I would have loved to include lots of things, like photos of different meals, more day to day photos and people who inspired me… but after seeing how many photos I wanted to add, and needing to find a 3rd song, I agreed that I would keep cutting ... Read More »

Call Me Maybe!


[youtube id=”u6CXMwuPbYM” width=”600″ height=”350″] It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and Xander and I are trying to figure out what the heck we want to do. Go for a walk in a park somewhere? Go to a beach? Go for a bike ride? Hang home and chill?  No idea. We are both in that weird sort of mood where we both want to do something but we just aren’t sure what. Those kinds of moods make me cranky. Xander found this video online and showed it to me and now I can’t stop watching it and laughing.  Yes, we are easily ... Read More »

How The Dutch Got Their Bicycle Paths


[youtube id=”XuBdf9jYj7o” width=”600″ height=”350″] A friend shared this on Facebook yesterday and I found it so interesting.  I had no idea there was such a history behind how we got our bicycle paths.  I think it’s wonderful that there are so many biking paths in the country and that cyclists can travel safely.  Something that is sorely missing in Canada, much to the dismay of some of my cycling friends back there. It’s amazing that a country that is so small and has so little space can figure this out and put it into action but a huge country with ... Read More »

The Visual Style of the Wire


While looking through my feeds this morning I saw an interesting link on Dooce.com.  When I saw The Wire mentioned I had to check it out. Beware! Before watching, there are possible spoilers in the video! [vimeo id=”39768998″ width=”600″ height=”350″] I’m a huge fan of The Wire, I’ve mentioned it in the past and whenever I talk to friends about TV show I all but hogtie them and  supervise to make sure they watch it.   There are so many reasons why I think this show is worth watching. I love the acting, the storyline, and how real it feels at ... Read More »

BBC’s Horizon – The Truth About Fat


Last night a few friends messaged me to let me know about a program that was going to be on BBC.  All I knew was that they were discussing obesity and gastric bypass, so I knew it was something I’d have to check out. I’m so glad I did!  My husband came in and watched it with me and we spent the whole time talking back and forth.  Him saying “Wow, does that sound familiar?” and me going “Oh my god, that’s SO TRUE!!!” It really WAS the truth about fat.  Have a look… [youtube id=”nDxVeYUxmH0″ width=”600″ height=”350″] [youtube id=”cBZQ8T141_o” ... Read More »

Dr. Oz on Gastric Bypass


Well, in case you were wondering I’ve now had my surgery and am now home.  I’m doing very well and plan to sit down this weekend and write about my experience at the hospital and my first week home. For now, I just want to share some videos that I found really interesting.  Everyone seems to rave about this Dr. Oz, so when I came across these videos today, I just had to share.  In the videos he explains exactly what Gastric Bypass surgery is, why it’s not a cop out or the easy way, why it has such a ... Read More »

You SNEAKY Mom!!!


[youtube id=”_YQpbzQ6gzs” width=”600″ height=”350″] Oh god I love this video!  The crying kids are so funny but the two at the end just crack me up beyond words. “Are you serious?!” “You were SO close!” That kid in the red is one cool cat! Read More »

David Beckham Goes Undercover for Ellen


[youtube id=”y4yDNWlvK6s” width=”600″ height=”350″] This morning I was catching up on my news feed when I saw this video on Dooce and it had me roaring with laughter. I so wish we got her show here in Holland, perhaps I need to start downloading it. I may end up divorced if I don’t wear my head phones though, my husband hates her.  Crazy fool! Read More »

A Day in the Life of Stella


[vimeo id=”8327538″ width=”600″ height=”350″] What a life!  When I die I want to go back in time and come back as Stella. I figure if reincarnation is possible then time travel must be too. This is such a great video!  I’d love to make something like that for a day in the life of Bailey or Pixel.  Get a photo of them running out of their crate in the morning and legging it to the living room to see if Spencer left any food behind, lazing on the footstool in the sun, going for a walk, eating some poop, giving ... Read More »

TV Review: The Big C


When I first heard about Showtime’s new show The Big C last year, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  All I knew was that it was a show about Cancer, it sounded like a Reality show that would hit way too close to home for me.  Cancer? Really? Do they have to go there? Having lost so many people I love to Cancer, I couldn’t stand the thought of it being made light of at all.  I had images in my head of these people being exploited for money, possibly doing this Reality TV show to make money to leave ... Read More »