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30 Days of Truth: Day 29


ha!  Where do I start?  Do I have to just pick one thing? I’d like to change my weight… I’ve not lost a thing in the last three months, but with the fertility treatments and all the hormones that are being pumped into me, it’s taking everything I have just …

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Confessions of a Fat Girl: Fat and Feminine?


These are my nails, fake ones.  Pretty, aren’t they?  I got them done at Nagelstudio Ellen in Barendrecht and I couldn’t be happier with them. She is awesome, she also took the photos.  Check out the swirlys, cute huh? You may be wondering why I got acrylic nails. I mean, …

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The Fat Lady


No I don’t mean me, you dick. Ok maybe I do, sorta.  Still, it wasn’t nice of you to just assume it was about me.  Just sayin’. This is The Fat Lady: No, seriously, the fish is actually called The Fat Lady!  Check the link if you don’t believe me. …

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Home Again…


As you can see, I’m back posting on my blog again.  I’ve been back from France for a little over a week and am just settling back in and getting used to life here in Rotterdam again. Our holiday was fantastic and I will soon be bombarding you with photos …

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Confessions of a Fat Girl


On March 6th I had finally lost 50 lbs.  It took me a while to lose the last 1-2 lbs to get there, which feels silly I mean it’s ONLY 1-2 lbs.  It seemed to go on forever though as I had reached that dreaded plateau everyone told me was …

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