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Princess Pixel on a Rainy Day


Anyone who knows us knows that Pixel has us wrapped around her little finger.  Bailey does as well, we are their bitches really.  We do try to Cesar Milan their asses whenever possible but there are times when they are just so cute and funny that we can’t help but …

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My Husband’s New Wife


Don’t worry, I’m still talking about me!  He hasn’t gone out and found another wife or anything, even tough I’ve been urging him to find one that likes doing housework.  I could get into a little Sister Wives action if the other wife would do all the stuff I hate. …

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Holiday Biking


Today is a holiday in the Netherlands so I have my honey home with me.  The weather has been beautiful so we decided to take advantage and go for a bike ride. We packed a lunch, grabbed an old duvet cover (mental note: buy picnic blanket!) and head off.  We …

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A Sunday Ride


It took a while, thanks to a nasty flu and some nasty weather, but I’ve finally started getting out on my new bike!  Today Xander and I went on a lovely 18.8 km bike ride, what a way to spend a Sunday! My new bike is fantastic and riding it …

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Non-Scale Victory: The Pink Tee


Three years ago Penny got me a ticket to see our favorite performer in the world, PINK!  It was such an awesome evening and I had the most amaaaaaazing time (I’m already counting the days until she is in Rotterdam again!).  There was only one down side… one thing that …

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Where’s That Damn Waterfall?!


I mentioned in my post about our visit to Lac d’Estaing that Xander and I had a bit of an adventure looking for some waterfalls.  Now that some time has passed I can see it for the funny thing that it is and can tell the story with much less …

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DIY Pop-Up Flash Diffuser


Tonight I am off to Amsterdam with my husband and a friend to take photos of a Zombie Walk.  It’s a celebration that is being put on by the FOXLife network to celebrate The Walking Dead starting soon on TV here in the Netherlands. It’s great timing that it is …

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