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My Stephanie Plum Movie Castings

I’ve been reading the most fantastic series of books lately, and I’ve pretty much forced all my close friends and family to start reading them as well.   It’s the Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich.   They are about a girl who loses her job as a lingerie buyer and ends up blackmailing her sleezeball cousin into giving her a job as a bounty hunter.   There are so many funny bits that make these books as great as they are, so many characters that add their own interesting bits to the story.  When I’m reading I always try to figure out who I imagine the characters as, or who I imagine would play them if there was to be a movie.

I’m sure there WILL be a movie someday, books this popular don’t go without becoming a movie at some point.

Here’s what I was thinking.

sandraSandra Bullock as Stephanie Plum.

I think it’s her role in the Miss Congeniality movies that make me see her in this role too.   I CAN imagine her dodging dinner with her parents, keeping her gun in her cookie jar and having a hamster as a best friend.  Can’t you?

She’s just hot enough, but also just clumsy and endearing enough to bring Stephanie to life.



Queen Latifah as Lula.
When I think of a ‘big boned’ black woman with major attitude, who can kick some major ass, there is only one woman who comes to mind.


I can see her breaking down doors and threatening to shoot people.



Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Joe Morelli.
Yummmmm.  If I have to imagine a rough around the edges, steal your virginity as a teenager kind of guy, it’s this one.  I can’t think of anyone more perfect for the role of Joe than “Denny”.  He can be hot when he needs to be hot, but he can be sweet and even a bit adorable at times.

Plus, can’t you see him and Sandra Bullock together as a movie item?



Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as Ranger
Ranger… ooooooh Ranger.  Could there possibly be a sexier fictional character than Ranger??

It’s hard to cast this character because he has to be big, lean, sexy, caring but scary and mean a the same time.   Having seen The Rock playing a gay guy in a previous movie I wavered on this one… but in the end, I think he’s our guy.  Yum.



Ellen Albertini Dow as Grandma Mazur
Grandma Mazur is one of those old ladies who just doesn’t grow old.  She may spend all her spare time at viewings (wakes) but in her mind she’s still 19 years old and on the go!

I have never thought of Grandma Mazur without seeing the Rapping Granny from the Wedding Singer in my head.   She also played that drug toting old lady on Studio 64.   Perfect!


Jason Mewes as Mooner
Sort of like with Ellen Albertini Dow automatically making me think of the crazy Grandma Mazur, Jason Mewes (or Jay from the Jay and Silent Bob movies) has always been in my mind when Mooner was in the story.

Stoner = Jason Mewes = Mooner.  It’s just the way it is!


There are a lot of supporting characters as well, like Stephanie’s parents and sister, her cousin Vinnie and a wide range of cops, but the above characters are the ones I hold most dear and make true mental images of in my mind.

Now, here’s hoping they actually make a movie of it someday.  I’d be curious to see if any of my picks make it in!

If you haven’t read this series yet, I seriously suggest you do.   I am on the 9th book now and they just keep getting better and better!

A warning though, make sure you get two because I guarantee when you finish the first one you’ll be dying to start the second!

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  1. How disappointing is the cast they chose? Did any of them bother to read the book? They choose some white dude with light eyes and thinning hair, when the dark features is what she frequently describes in all of her books. He’s supposed to be rough around the edges, not some pansy. I was actually angry, as they clearly seemed to have put ZERO thought into appropriately filling the characters. God forbid they use someone that’s actually characteristically suited for the part.
    “The Rock” as RANGER IS DEAD ON. That is the first and only person I thought of for that character. As for Morelli, that’s a bit more vague, I can’t quite get a bead on who I think would be appropriate, but he can’t be “pretty,” it would have to be someone rough around the edges…I think some of the suggestions here are decent. Cloris Leachman as Grandma Mazur works, Betty White would have been good too. Sherri Shepard is more suitable then Queen Latifah in a major way. As for Stephanie, neither Sandra Bullock nor Blondie work and Evangeline Lily is too pretty for the role. Still the suggestions here beat out what they did cast…and I loved the book, I refuse to see the movie they royall eff’d up the cast.

  2. Joe Manganiello would be the perfect Joe
    Cloris Leachman would be the perfect Grandma
    Sherri Shepard is the perfect Lula

  3. So I was always stumped when it came to Ranger but I think that you have it nailed! Also I always had Betty White in mind when it came to Grandma, but your pic sounds pretty legit too. :)

  4. And why didn’t they hire YOU to do the casting for this movie? You are dead on! However, in my opinion Sherri Shepard was cast perfectly as Lula. She is the OLNY one cast correctly. I know many people that are so disappointed in the choice of cast of the movie they want to boycott it! Intresting isn’t it how this might make or break it all together?

  5. ohhhh the rock no comment

  6. Haven’t any of you read the books? Heigl is perfect for the part. Though I love Sandra Bullock, Stephanie is supposed to be about 30 years old. Sandra looks good, but not 30ish. Heigl is the right age and can totally see her as Stephanie. What I do think is bad casting is for Morelli.. Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be perfect. They guy they picked isn’t even near hot enough. I never could picture anyone to play the part of Ranger.. The Rock is the ONE!! Not sure if the guy they picked will be able to pull it off, but we will see. I really do enjoy the books, am on Eleven.. They are so addicting. I can’t wait for the movie.

  7. The Rock would make a perfect Ranger.

  8. The Rock would make a perfect Ranger.
    With him and Eddie Cibrian, who needs acting?

  9. i think they should have gone with Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Garner for Stephanie. I have read all the books and Katherine Hegyl is nothing like Stephanie. I don’t care what color her hair is. This is very disappointing as I have been waiting for this movie to come out. And Joe Morelli is a joke. They should have definitely used Eddie Cibrian. Betty White would have been a good Grandma . The guy they picked for Ranger is okay. And girl for Lula is okay.But the main characters have ruined the movie for me. That was the only reason I read the books because I heard they were making a movie a few years ago. I have met Janet Evanovich a few times. What does she think of this?????Makes me sick!

  10. My Cast: Evangeline Lilly-Stephanie
    James Franco-Joe
    Shermar Moore-Ranger
    Paul Giamatti-Vinnie
    Ving Rhames-Tank
    Catherine O’Hara-Mom
    Fred Ward-Dad
    Cloris Leachman-grandma
    Like the Lulu

  11. Movie comes out in July. Principle photography is probably all done.

  12. Morelli = Victor Webster
    Ranger = Benjamin Bratt (possible)
    Stephanie = Lindsey lohan (JK JK JK)JUST KIDDING FOR SURE.
    Stephanie = Sandra Bullock is okay
    Lula = Sherri Shepard for sure (Queen Latifah is too tall)

    Katherine Heigle is okay as Stephanie. I like her. She’s not the perfect one but she’ll do.

    But they must remove the 2 they picked for Morelli and Ranger. Those 2 will not do.

  13. I think your suggestions for the cast are right on. But I
    really think the actors who have the roles will be just fine. Debbie Reynolds will pull it off, wait and see.
    I’ve been reading these books also, all of them, for years.
    The problem always is, you wait for so long for the next book to come out, read it in a day or two and then, the long wait for the next book!

    • As you like Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum so much and, I agree, the wait is forever – you should check out Victoria Laurie’s Abby Cooper (Psychic Eyemysteries), Rhonda Pollero’s Finley Anderson Tanner mysteries, Gemma Halliday’s High Heel mysteries, and Deborah Coonts’ Lucky O’Toole mysteries. They are great reads and the main female character is as good as, if not more engaging than Stephanie Plum.

  14. This is funny; I couldn’t resist commenting just because you picked EXACTLY the same people I would have picked except for Stephanie and Ranger. I was sort of hoping on a rising Cuban actor for his part–someone we haven’t heard of. And maybe Betty White for Grandma Mazur? :) I like your castings much better than what they have picked so far (especially your casting of Joe Morelli)–except Katherine Heigl, I think she looks more the part of Stephanie, even though I much prefer Sandra Bullock as an actress–Sandra Bullock at least stands out as something more than a prop. But then again, maybe this will be a turning point for Ms. Heigl.

  15. I agree with you 100% on all your picks for the Plum characters. I think Sandra Bullock would make an awesome Stephanie Plum. Though she doesn’t have blue eyes, I’d still choose her over Katherine Heigl. Ever since I started reading her books you nailed my image for Lula and Ranger. Queen Latifah IS Lula. And The Rock IS Ranger. I’m sure everyone agrees with me when I say the guy they chose for Joe Morelli, WHAT THE HELL??? Granted I never really had a picture perfect image for Morelli, but seeing O’Mara’s pic doesn’t even come close. And Helloooo, HE’S IRISH NOT ITALIAN! I’m highly disappointed. Jeffrey Dean Morgan would have made a much better choice. I think the audience will be disappointed. And that saddens me because there are perfect actors out there for these roles and they’re messing it all up! Janet Evanovich’s books are important to a lot of people and I’m afraid the movie won’t come remotely close to the wild and wacky stories we’ve all grown to love all because of their poor choice in casting. I’m trying to hold on to some hope but it’s hard when I see where it’s heading. I’m sorry Janet! I’ll continue to read and treasure your books. Movie? Remains to be seen…

  16. I dont even understand this Queen Latifah thing…
    Lola is an ex hoe…
    Queen Latifah??? No Way
    Niecy Nash would have been perfect simply because she played a similar role in RENO 911, law enforcment…sort of =), busty with a lola shape, funny and aloof with an attitude.

  17. Your castings are so much better than the ‘official’ ones Breigh. Sandra B is so Stephanie Plum & your Morelli is much yummyer than the official one. I will keep ‘my’ Ranger in my minds-eye so as to not spoil the day dreams. BTW…I am married to a Morelli clone…how lucky am I? Shame he can’t act :-)

  18. I totally agree with your casting. My friends and I have casted the film 100 times and Sandra Bullock always plays Stephanie Plum and the Queen always play Lula

    • I totally agree with your choices for Stephanie Plum and Lulu. What were the casting directors thinking?? Katherin Heigl and Sherry Shepard, really???? You obviously couldn’t find anyone with any acting talent as evidenced by who you cast. What a shame. My friends and I will not pay to see this movie even though this series and Janet Evanovich are our all time favorites.

  19. I MUCH prefer your pick for Morelli. The casting director got him ALL wrong! For one thing – he’s not Italian/American! How can a blue-eyed, Irish guy play a guy with the last name “Morelli”? Plus, O’Hara doesn’t look like he would have been all that drop dead gorgeous in high school. And Morelli’s hair isn’t receeding, rather it always looks like it need to be cut. I’m really disappointed about their Morelli casting. The other person I object to is their pic of Grandma Mazur. She’s too “good”, as would be Betty White. My personal favorite would be Cloris Leachman. I think she’s make a a great Grandma Mazur. The other cast pics aren’t bad. I really like their pic for Ranger. If the movie had been made 10 years ago Sandra Bullock would have been a great choice as Stephanie, same with Queen Latifa as Lula.
    Heidi´s last post ..By- morgan

  20. i agree with most of what you think just grandma mazur sholud be betty white! then it would be perfect

    • Definitely was thinking Bullock and Queen Latifah for Stephanie and Lula. I really think you nailed the other choices as well. I originally thought Betty White for Grandma but I think Albertini looks more like what I pictured..

    • Betty White would be awesome totally agree!!!!

  21. Okay, I concede unwillingly to Heigl as Stephanie Plum, and strongly disagree with O’Mara as Morelli (did anybody try drawing a picture for casting – that is NOT Morelli’s face!), but I have to admit, they hit a home run with Daniel Sunjata. Even if the body’s not quite right, it will be by the time the movie starts shooting.

    As for the rest of the casting – this movie is “One for the Money”. Evanovich sold the movie rights before the book was even published, but for those of you who read it ages ago and have forgotten… many of the characters we know well now were either minor supporting characters or didn’t even exist. Morelli and Ranger weren’t nearly as big in the plot as they are now, especially Ranger. Mooner, Valerie, Sally Sweet, Joyce, and Diesel? Fahgedeaboutit. And Lula was a ‘ho at the time, along with Jackie (who appears in a minor role in a later book). Talking to Stephanie got her beaten up and left for dead on Stephanie’s fire escape – and got her out of the ‘ho business and into pretending to be a file clerk, but not until the end of that book.

    • Yeah I’ve thought about that as well, he first book was really just an introduction for most of the characters. I do hope we get to see a bit more of Ranger than in the book though. He is my favorite part of the entire series.

    • I totally agree. Katherine Heigl is ok for stephanie, TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH JASON OMARA, and like the looks of ranger, but either way with Lula I think Sherri Shepard would be awesome but love Queen Latifah. I really like the guy she was in The Ugly Truth with he would make a great Joe Morelli.

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